Decibel Festival 2015: Day Four Wrap-Up

dauwd vinyl

Another day, another couple of dollars: dollars spent on Emergen-C, to be precise. At some point during my pedestrian travels over the past four days, I have contracted someone’s pesky germs, and a cold has taken me over. Will it stop me from traversing the Seattle streets so I can partake in the finest quality of electronic tunes this side of Detroit? Fuck, no!

I start off the day with some last minute details about my impromptu interview with Tim Hecker at the Triple Door, and set off in that direction. As I wait outside, a nearby restaurant empties buckets of brown liquid into an ominous dumpster in an alley, and the smell burns my nose hairs. At this point I decide to text Hecker in the hopes he can work some magic and get someone to let me in so I can be relieved of the grease fog that deadens the air around me. Just as the text enters cyberspace, someone comes to the door and mercifully allows me entry. As I sit down, Hecker is near the end of his sound check, and I can already tell his set is going to impress. The acoustics at the Triple Door are made for a very organic sound, and it appears the space perhaps was originally erected as a jazz club. Hecker gets things right, and we have a very brief chat. His set a few hours later is dark, moody, noisy, ambient, and others things indescribable. The crowd loves every second, and it’s a stellar performance.

tim hecker vinyl

Later on, I wander up to Neumos where Kompakt is showcasing some of their talent, and I walk in just as the excellent Dauwd begins his set. If you haven’t heard this man, I highly recommend you do. He’s a perfect compliment to the Kompakt sound with a very warm register and melody all over the place. He’s a bit of a production maestro, and his live showing is no different. As it’s Saturday night, pretty much every venue involved with Decibel this evening is sold out, and as Dauwd’s set winds down, the club is packed to the gills.

john tejada vinyl

John Tejada immediately follows, and I am instantly reminded of what a true pro this guy is. Tejada has been releasing records for a long time now, and he has perfected a mood of subtle Detroit soul, updated minimalism, and nods to old-school analog beats a la Depeche Mode. He has flirted with all types of dance music over the years, and he’s bringing all those influences into one single experience that works flawlessly. At one point he ceases the four-to-the-floor antics in favor of an early 90’s electro beat that would leave Drexciya proud. The audience loves every bit of it, and people are crashing into each other trying to clear the space around themselves so they can dance unhinged. Does’t quite work, but that’s the price you pay.

I work my way up the street to the Q club to scan the goings-on, but it’s sold-out, and the 1-out, 1-in policy is being strictly enforced. As I see that at least 75 people are ahead of me, I accept defeat and move back to write this here piece you’re reading now.

Day four, out the door. Day five, keepin’ alive.

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