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Tokyo is a paradise for vinyl collectors! In the right neighborhood, you’ll bump into a record store around every corner, and Shibuya is definitely the “right” neighborhood.  Everywhere you wander you’ll find a new record shop, audio gear store, or vinyl bar to tempt you inside. Just a short distance south of Shibuya crossing, you will find Dessinee Shop.

Dessinee Shop is slightly off of the main drag, so it’s easy to miss if you stick too close to the hectic center of Shibuya, but it’s well worth the side trip!

Dessinnee Shop Map

Dessinee Shop:   VinylHub   / www.dessineeshop.com / Dessinee Blog
Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Focus: Unique lineup of Soul, Jazz, Indie Rock/Pop, Funk, Latin, French
Address:   東京都渋谷区鶯谷町17−7
                      17-7 Uguisudanicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 81 (0)3 6873 4062
Email: info@dessineeshop.com

Dessinee Shop store front

Although Dessinee is just outside of the central Shibuya music scene, I’m so glad I took the time to visit!  This shop was charming, and I walked away with a pile of records I couldn’t wait to put on the turntable.

Dessinee Shop

The shop sells a unique combo of vinyl, CDs, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Dessinee is not only a record store and record label, but also an apparel label (Ensemble Dessinee).

Dessinee Shop clothing label

Selling men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories; Dessinee Shop has so much to browse through!

I’m not sure if it’s the clothing and music combo, the eclectic Soul, Jazz, and Indie vinyl selection, or the charming female staff, but Dessinee Shop was definitely the record store in which I saw the most women digging for records.

Whatever their charm, it obviously worked on me since I went away with a stack of vinyl (and even a few CDs, which I rarely buy!).

bow ties Dessinee Shop Tokyo

Dessinee Shop was originally started in Kobe, Japan in 2005 by Masao Maruyama ( 丸山雅生 ).  He moved the shop to Tokyo about two years ago, and now has two main staff members and a few part time employees.

Masao is a DJ, designer, and all-around-music-aficionado. He seems to tackle a little bit of everything in the music industry including reissuing rare releases, designing record jackets, and designing and building all of the shelving in his shop. He said he got his start collecting records when he was just a student.  After university, he worked several years in his father’s company before opening a record shop in Kobe.

production dessine

Dessinee Shop focuses on stocking “good music” from all over the world; the store’s slogan is “File under Good Music o/w Fantastic Something.”  Masao especially focuses on obscure European, Japanese, American, and South American vinyl. He says he likes music with melody, but cares not whether it’s new or old.

Several times each year, Masao travels to Europe to buy records. He generally heads to France and the Netherlands, bringing his portable turntable to listen to vinyl in record stores and antique shops.

Dessinee Shop Tokyo

Masao shows off his new bag of Discogs swag, along with one of his favorite releases in the shop:  Armando Trovaioli‘s Soundtrack for the movie Il Commissario Pepe. This is one of the recent re-issues from Masao’s label, Production Dessinée.

Record Boxes

Production Dessinée re-issues many fantastic releases from around the world.  Most releases from Production Dessinée and Disques Dessinee (the original name of the label) are reissued on CD, but they also have reissued several 7″s.

listening station Dessinee Shop Tokyo

There are two listening stations set up around the shop in which you can hear all Production Dessinée releases.

Record Shelves Dessinee Shop Tokyo

If you are feeling indecisive or in need of a music suggestion, Dessinee Shop has a friendly and knowledgable staff eager to help out.  Masao speaks English fluently, and of all the shops we visited in Tokyo we definitely spent the longest chatting and browsing in this delightful little shop.

So once you tire of the packed streets, noise, and hustle and bustle of Shibuya, head to Dessinee Shop for some mellow browsing.

Dessinee Shop entrance

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