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Discogs is your home for discovering music. It’s an extensive musician and release Database connected to your personal Collection. It’s the venue for your lists and your guidebook to the world of collecting music. It’s a worldwide Marketplace with millions of titles. Sign in or register and start exploring the many features of Discogs.

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What you can do on Discogs

The Database

Discogs is the largest user-built music Database in the world, free and open forever. Imagine a site with the discographies of all artists and all labels, branching down through release versions of albums, all cross-referenced. That, in essence, is the Discogs Database. Explore artist discographies, release credits, tracks and more in the Database.

Discover Music

Use a powerful search and filtering system to explore more than 10 million releases by format, decade, country of release, genre or style, and many other parameters. Get started by diving in to the Explore page.

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Most Collected Funk and Soul Vinyl on Discogs

Discogs Collection

What’s In Your Collection?

Keep notes of what records you have. Annotate their condition, view value estimates, organize releases by using folders and search through your items using the free Collection feature.

Catalog Your Collection

Keep Track of What You Want

Don’t let an item you’re interested in get away. Add an item from the Database to your Wantlist to monitor prices. Use account settings to set email updates for when items in your Wantlist become available.

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Buy Music On The Discogs Marketplace

The Marketplace allows you to buy and sell physical copies of music listed in the Database. Each Marketplace item is joined to the Database so you can identify which recording is for sale. Buy with confidence knowing sales history with condition notes and a rating system for both Sellers and Buyers. Get deal notifications through your dashboard and email.

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Discogs Blog

Discogs Blog

Explore music reviews, industry news, site announcements, and data reports from the team behind Discogs. Learn with immersive dives, discover musicians’ favorite records and tag along with record shop guides.

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Meet The Sellers Of Discogs

Discogs doesn’t have a warehouse full of rare records. All items are from individual Sellers. The Sellers of Discogs are about as diverse a group as you can imagine. They range from individuals selling a few records to brick-and-mortar stores with thousands of available items. Anyone can sell music on Discogs.

List For Free On Discogs

Soundman_2016 Seller on Discogs

“It is really incredible how big the record community still is and that there are so many collectors. I am so grateful that at my age I can really take off again with what I love.” – Soundman_2016

Vinylhub, a global index of record stores


Buying records online is great – access to records from across the world, rare finds, not putting on pants – but sometimes you just need a bit of in-person retail therapy. VinylHub is like Discogs for record stores, with a Database of over 7,000 record stores spanning the globe. Add your favorite shops in the neighborhood or a hidden gem visited on holiday. Keep track of stores you’ve been to and ones you want to visit.

Discover Record Shops Worldwide

Create Custom Lists

Create lists of music you know and love. Examples range in topic from Western music on Soviet aligned nations records labels before 1991 to music that changed my life, and help showcase personality aside from your haves and wants. Anyone can create a list by going to a release or master page and selecting add to list. Make your list public to have it visible on Google searches and to share with your friends.

The Discogs mobile app

Download The Discogs App

Access the Discogs features you need on-the-go with the Android and iOS app. Quickly add to your Collection by scanning barcodes. Search Discogs, check prices, add to Wantlist, and locate nearby record stores via the VinylHub integration.

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Contribute To The Discogs Database

The secret to Discogs? It’s created by users like you. Anyone can contribute to Discogs. Edit what is currently in the Database, leave reviews on individual releases and vote on the quality of information. Climb the leaderboard and leave your mark on history in the making.

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Meet Other Music Lovers On Forums And Groups

Comunicate with a robust community that is passionate about music in Forums and Groups. Find a topic that intrests you and check out the forum guidelines to get started.

Flex Your Development Skills With The API

We’re committed to being an open-source project. The Discogs API lets developers build their own Discogs-powered applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. We hope the API will connect and empower a community of music lovers around the world!


Our Community Is Amazing

Meticulous Database submission experts, obscure music aficionados, dollar bin divers, attic treasure trawlers, savvy indie label marketers.

Two things they all have in common: they love music and they’re on Discogs.

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