Discogs 15th Anniversary!

Kevin Lewandowski working on Discogs
Hi All,
This month Discogs turns 15 years old. This is pretty special to me as Discogs began as a hobby to catalog obscure techno and drum n bass music. Back then it was literally a scrap Pentium II server in my closet. And now, thanks to all of the site’s contributors and users, we’re still here and bigger and better than ever. It’s really incredible the type of impact that Discogs has, and that wouldn’t have happened without the 250,000+ people who have submitted information to Discogs. Thank You Community!!

Over the years we’ve grown to include all types of music, to the point where we have nearly 7 million unique releases in the Database. In 2005 we opened our Marketplace for people to buy and sell music within Discogs. Today we’re still on that original mission, but expanded, “to catalog all music”. We’re also tinkering with some new things like a The Official Discogs App, and Database of Record Shops.
Thanks again everyone!! Here’s to the next 15 years and beyond.
Kevin Lewandowski

Founder, Discogs
From the Discogs Vaults:

How Discogs started out
This video shows how Discogs has evolved over the years:

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