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Reflecting on the Good Things That Happened on Discogs in 2020

It’s been a long, loooong year, but here we are! At the end of all things — well, 2020, at least. Where to start with this upside-down year that began with apocalyptic fires in Australia and then absolutely ran with that wild attitude? Protests sprang up everywhere from Poland to Nigeria to Thailand to the United States, live events were temporarily axed, and we were all corralled into our homes under lockdown. It feels like a brief eternity ago when COVID-19 started spreading. Hell, even Rolling Stone decided to shake things up by updating their greatest albums of all-time list.

However, even in these “unprecedented times” (sick of hearing that by now?), vinyl’s upward trend could not be stopped. Between January and June, over 5.8 million records were sold through the Discogs Marketplace, with a peak of 1.6 million items sold in May alone. That’s a 33% increase compared to 2019. Hopefully, our Marketplace improvements, such as transparent shipping prices on all items and a simplified checkout process, helped you get the music you wanted!

When record stores, amongst other places deemed inessential — shout out to essential workers, y’all the real heroes — were placed under lockdown, Discogs did our best to help out these brick-and-mortar record stores. During the months of March and April, we offered a fee-credit refund to all stores that verified their physical location on VinylHub. If you’re looking for a nearby record store to support, we collected a handy worldwide list of physical stores that sell on Discogs.

How have you been dealing with the constant threat of the ‘Rona and lockdowns? Maybe you re-organized your record collection? Listened to some tunes on our #HomeSpun live streams? If you decided to submit to the Database, you played a part in breaking two Discogs records (no pun intended).

When most of the world was quickly coming to terms with our new abnormal, the Database hit a record for the most new submissions, new edits, and new images added in a single week. The Database passed an even more significant milestone in September: 13 million releases, with 1 million releases added in only eight months. With Database submissions and Marketplace purchases hitting all-time highs, you Discogers certainly know how to keep busy!

While there has been a lot of bad this year, it feels good to celebrate these positive moments, such as Discogs turning 20 years old this past November. That means two decades of you, the Discogs Community, putting in a huge amount of effort to construct the most comprehensive source of musical knowledge on the internet. As Discogs grows and evolves, we look forward to continuing this journey with you!

For a deeper dive into Discogs data, head here for a 2020 Database recap.

Feature image by Dorien Monnens.

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