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Discogs and Boiler Room Present ‘From The Counter’ in Madrid

Discogs is teaming up with Boiler Room to bring you a new series of in-store sets from up and coming DJs across the world, called From The Counter. It’s a travelling series that aims to get music lovers into their local record stores and puts the spotlight on vinyl-spinning DJs. Our first edition was on 7 March 2017 in Madrid’s El Almacén de Discos with Norwegian DJ and producer sensation, Telephones, and local legend, DJ F. The small swaying crowd quickly multiplies into a mass of people in the mood to party, powered by DJ F and Telephones’ feel-good house sets. Check out the full setlist from Telephones and DJ F and add some of these gems to your own collection.

Watch the first episode of ‘From The Counter’ below for a piece of the action:

Loved the tracks you heard from DJ F or Telephones? Check out the full setlist here and add these gems to your own collection!

Stay tuned for future episodes of ‘From The Counter’ where we’ll take you to record stores around the world. Next stop, YAM Records in London. Cheers to our friends at Boiler Room for making ‘From The Counter’ possible!

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