Discogs Android App – Buy from Sellers around the World!

You can now buy from Discogs Sellers directly from the Official Discogs Android App!

We first released the official Discogs app as a tool for Collection and Wantlist management, but immediately heard from Discogs users that they wanted a full marketplace integration.

Well, we’ve been hard at work and we are excited to finally release the next step you’ve been asking for: a buying integration!

Discogs Android App screenshot

Completing a purchase is just a few taps away when you use the Discogs Android app!

Track down that rare release you’ve been digging for by searching the inventory of over 80,000 Discogs sellers right from your phone.

With over 9 million releases in the Discogs Database, and nearly 40 million items for sale in the Discogs Marketplace, Discogs is your best bet for finding that rare LP, elusive 7″, cassette tape, or even Edison Diamond Disc.  Whatever your music medium of choice, with over 190 formats documented on Discogs, we’ve got you covered!

Discogs Android App add to cart

Review your daily Wantlist message, add to cart, place an order, check your current and past purchases, and communicate with a Discogs seller, all from within the app.

Discogs Andorid App Place Order

And we are just getting started!  We have many improvements planned for buyers AND sellers – so you’ll see many marketplace improvements continue to roll out over the coming months.

Discogs Android App Review Purchases

We’ll continue to add features and make improvements to the app based on what we hear from you, so let us know what you want to see next!

Play Store link to the Discogs Android App

iPhone users, stay tuned, we have Marketplace improvements planned for the Official Discogs iOS App too!

Questions? Check out the App FAQs, visit discogs.com/app, or chat with us in the Discogs App Forum.

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