Discogs Android App: New Collection & Wantlist Filters

Get more control over how you view your music Collection with the latest version of the Discogs Android App!

Music is a vitally important part of life, and especially now, it’s a lifeline to get us through this social distancing thing. 

You probably didn’t realise it at the time, but your vinyl-buying habit, possibly once frowned upon by your nearest and dearest (depending on severity), was actually really smart future-proofing against going nuts in lockdown. 

Remember Gordon Deitrich in V For Vendetta who has centuries worth of art preserved in his bunker? That’s basically you now. You’ve been actively archiving physical art and furnishing your environment with artifacts and entertainment while we push through widespread lockdowns. Ignore the fact that in Deitrich’s case the art he’s housing is considered propaganda, this analogy is totally working. Take a minute to gloat now if you want, I’ll wait. 

One thing I’m pretty sure Deitrich did not have for his bunker-art-collection was an inventory of all the stuff he had at his fingertips at any given time. If your Collection is up to date, you do have a handy inventory of all the physical music in your possession. 

For users of the Discogs Android App, it just got easier to filter and sort through your Collection to access the music you’re in the mood for. If you’re in the mood for some uplifting pop, but your physical collection is organised alphabetically, filtering your Collection in the app helps you access a single genre or style faster to get those soothing tones through your speakers on the double. 

As well as being able to sort your Collection by Title, Artist, Year, Format, Label, Cat # (catalog number), Newest/Oldest Added, and Rating, you can filter down further on Folders, Artist, Format, Label, Year, and now also Genre and Style of your music Collection. Sorting and Filtering can be combined, so you can sort your Collection view by artist and filter on a single genre, or narrow down a style to just one year. (e.g. Aretha’s gospel albums, or Funk from 1970).

Besides getting a more manageable view of your Collection, Genre and Style filters give you an insight into the make up of your music collection. See at a glance how many items you have in each Genre and Style.

These sorting and filtering options also apply to your Wantlist. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the ever-mounting virtual stack of records you need to get, you can take a shortcut to prioritizing by applying filters.

Try filtering out for yourself 

If you’re an Android user, go to your Collection or Wantlist in the app and find a record to put on your turntable by narrowing down your Collection on the genre or style you’re in the mood for. Let us know which record you land on in the comments.

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