Discogs Android App 2.40 – A New Layout And Credit Card Payments

We’ve been hard at work improving the Official Discogs mobile apps! The mobile apps are still far from feature complete, but we just released a major upgrade for the Android app.

The Discogs Android app now includes a new ‘My Discogs’ layout as well as support for paying with credit card for supported Sellers via Discogs Payments.

Former updates of our Android app 2.0 included a way to explore the discography, a “Wantlist Roulette” feature, blog content, an upgraded VinylHub integration, video streaming, and a more fully-featured Marketplace integration for Buyers and Sellers.

New Discogs layout

A new ‘My Discogs’ Layout:

‘My Discogs’ is the very first screen you’ll see when opening our app, and we are determined to make that a beautiful experience! The new layout isn’t only more appealing but also more comprehensive: Buyer/Seller ratings, profile information, Collection value, Collection, Wantlist, Friends, Lists, Purchases, Orders, and Contributions. All together in one single page!

Discogs Payments On-The-Go:

This is huge! Now you’ll be able to pay with credit card for your purchases directly in the app. This will be possible when you buy from supported Sellers using Discogs Payments. And yes, we are also waving goodbye to our savings account right now.


And these are some of the previous features already included in our Android app:

Explore the Discography:

Browse and explore the Discogs Database! Previously you needed to search for a specific release, artist, or label to start digging into the discography, but you can now start browsing right from the main Search view. Check out which releases are Most Collected, Most Wanted, or Trending on Discogs. Or you can start browsing by genre and get lost down the Discogs rabbit hole exploring different styles and limiting by release formats, country, and year.

Wantlist Roulette:

Rough day? Feeling indecisive and in need of some vinyl therapy? Add some random fun to your day by playing Wantlist Roulette! Shake your phone from the Wantlist view to see a random release from your Wantlist. Keep shaking for more suggestions or tap through to the release to see if a Discogs seller has a deal you can’t pass up.

Discogs Blog:

I’m guessing you read the Discogs Blog… because, well, you are right now. 

Now you can read the most recent Discogs blog posts directly from your the app! Stay in the loop, learn about events for record collectors, record-breaking marketplace sales, unique collections, and more – directly from the Discogs Android app.

VinylHub + Discogs:

We’ve made it easier to dig into VinylHub from the Discogs Android app. Quickly jump into viewing all record shops in a specific country or region.

You are also only a few taps away from viewing nearby record stores. In fact, if your local record shop sells on Discogs, we’ll show you how many releases they have for sale from your Wantlist.  Stop by and support your local record store!  Of course, we love it when you buy on Discogs (someone needs to pay those crazy server bills) but we also want to support the magic and music knowledge housed in the bins of all the amazing record stores scattered around the globe. So get out there and explore IRL, because we all need to celebrate the culture, community, and music-nerdery that manifests in our local record shop.

Stream Videos On-the-Go:

Did you know that you can easily watch and listen to YouTube videos while continuing to browse the Discogs app?  If you have the YouTube app installed on your phone, when you are browsing the Discogs app you can just tap on a video then multitask like a boss! You can review release data, read about the artist or band, dig into all the master release versions; all while continuing to stream the video.

Buy from Sellers Across the World:

We’ve made many improvements to the Android app’s buying integration! Track down that rare release you’ve been digging for by searching the inventory of over 80,000 Discogs sellers right from your phone.

With over 9 million releases in the Discogs Database and over 40 million items for sale in the Discogs Marketplace, Discogs is your best bet for finding that rare release. Whatever your music medium of choice, with over 190 formats documented on Discogs, we’ve got you covered!

There are many other improvements to the app: more options for viewing your Wantlist and Collection, an improved profile view, new social sharing options, and more!  Make sure you have version 2.4 of the Discogs Android App on Google Play to check out all the changes. And if you are a Discogs iOS App iPhone user, we’ll have some exciting updates for you soon too!

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  • Nov 4,2018 at 14:34

    cfensch, did you 1st download the old version on yourAmazon Fire 7,BEFORE downloading the upgraded version?

  • Jul 23,2018 at 19:32

    Hello, I have a question. I have had the Discogs app downloaded on my iPhone and iPad for several years now. I recently purchased an Amazon Fire 7, and downloaded the Android Discogs app, and was hoping to link it to my existing account. However, I have not been able to log in. I keep getting a message that says “Authenticating,” but nothing ever happens. Is it possible to connect the single account over two different platforms? Am I doing something wrong? I do not get the option of logging in with a password. It simply goes to the “Authenticating” message. Thank you for any help you can provide!

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