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It’s been almost a month since we released the Official Discogs App for Android!  If you haven’t checked it out, give the free Official Discogs app a spin now:Button_AndroidApp

Discogs Android App and vinyl recordThe Discogs app for Android is of course a great Collection and Wantlist tracking tool, but it has a whole variety of other useful features (and we plan to continue to add more features based on your feedback).

Here are a few of my favorite Official Discogs Android App features that you may have missed:






  • You can sort your Collection in various ways, or just narrow down your Collection to view a specific folder







  • You can view your Collection either in list format or in a larger cover art grid format






  • Do you use Spotify?  Just tap a track title, and if we find a match on Spotify you can easily start playing the track

Shake to Shuffle





  • Not sure what to play next? The Discogs app can help!

Screenshot_20160808-163946_framed (1)





  • Of course you can search the Discogs database for Artists, Releases, and Labels, but did you know that you can also search for record stores and your Discogs friends by username via the Android app?






  • If a record store is listed in VinylHub, then you’ll easily be able to find it in the app. Or you can also simply browse nearby shops!






  • And last, but not least, you have several options to customize the app.

We plan to improve the app based on community feedback, so please let us know what you want to see added to the app!

We are still working out some kinks and we have a seemly endless list of ideas for improvement, but it’s great to hear from Discogs community members about how much you guys are already enjoying the app:

Android Discogs App Reviews

Download the Official Discogs App for Android on Google Play. 

Feeling left out, iPhone users?

You can find the Official Discogs App for iOS available in the App Store.  The iPhone app includes many similar features as the Android app, but doesn’t yet integrate all of the same features. We plan to progress toward feature parity between the Android and iOS versions, while remaining true to the design and expected UX of the individual platforms.  

Discogs App - release page - Beatles

Which of the Android features listed above would you like to see added to the iOS app first? Feel free to post feedback or ideas in the comments or take The Official Discogs App for iOS Survey.

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