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New Discogs App Release For Your iPhone!

We’ve been hard at work developing new features for the official Discogs app for iOS! Here are some of the exciting features we’ve added to the iOS app in version 1.7 to help you dig deeper into Discogs data:

Discogs App for iOS Artist View

Redesigned Artist View: 

More artist data! The app now pulls in all of the Discogs database information associated with an artist or band. Flip through a full artist image gallery, browse through the band members, name variations, aliases, etc.

Band members and other artist data is all linked, so it’s easy to explore and discover connected artists and releases.

Share Artist SADE discogs app



When you discover a new favorite artist, you can tap the share icon at the top of the screen to quickly share your discovery via social media, text message, email, or simply save as a note on your phone. 

Browsing an artist and want a quick reminder of which of that artist's releases you have in your Collection?

Artist to Collection - Discogs app iOS

See how many releases from a particular artist you own - simply tap on the "In Your Collection" number to see a narrowed list of releases from that artist or band in your Collection.

Discogs App - Label View

Redesigned Label View: 

We are also pulling in more Label and company data!  Learn about a label's parent label and sublabels. Explore a label's releases and even quickly navigate to the label's website.

If you own or have Wantlisted a release from the Label you are viewing, you can quickly navigate to those releases in your Collection or Wantlist.

Discogs App Release View Screenshots

Redesigned Release View:

You may have already noticed this update; it came out with the last iOS update.  But in case you haven't, be sure to check out all of the new data we've pulled in for each release:

  • Discogs Sales History: minimum, median, and maximum marketplace sales
  • Wantlist: # in your Wantlist, # of Discogs users that have added the release to their Wantlist
  • Collection: # in your Collection, # of Discogs users that have added the release to their Collection
  • Current sales listings, filterable by condition
  • Tracklist credits
  • Linked Company and Credit data
  • YouTube Videos

Discogs app scanning vinyl record barcode

What else is new with Discogs iOS App Version 1.7?

We've made several other small improvements and fixes!

  • Settings: you can now update your currency and several other profile settings from within the app.  As we add more of the Discogs marketplace into the app, we'll be adding more settings.  But for now, if there is anything you need to update that you can't access via the app, just navigate to your main Discogs Account Settings.
  • You can now create, manage, and delete Collection Folders from within the app!
  • We've also included fixes for some of the top crashes and reported bugs. If you ever notice an app quirk, please post a report in the iOS App Forum.
  • Improvements to barcode search.

We hope you enjoy these updates!  We are still hard at work developing improvements for the Discogs App. In the months to come you will start to see more features for buyers integrated into the app! 

If you haven't checked it out, give the Official Discogs iOS app a spin now:



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