Discogs Integrates Music Books, Posters and Films Into The Database

Music lovers don’t just listen to the music — we live it. We obsessively read about it, absorb facts about it in documentaries, watch all the biopics (even the ones that suck), plaster our walls with posters of our favorite bands. Why not have all that stuff we love about music collected all in one place?

Book, Poster, And Film Tabs On Discogs Artist Pages

As well as having access to the complete discography of recording artists from around the world, you can now view books, films, and posters by and about those artists on their Discogs artist page. These items are pulled in from our burgeoning community-built databases, Bookogs, Filmogs, and Posterogs.

More Music History

Discogs has always stood for three key things: music, physical media, and data. Release page data is about as reliable as a source gets, but can leave you wanting in the story and context department. Looking at release data, would you know the great myth about Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil in exchange for prodigious guitar-playing skills? That in South Africa, Rodriguez is held in the same esteem as The Beatles, despite being relatively unknown in the US? Or how Arctic Monkeys’ early success was predicated on MySpace and burnt CDs? Not to mention the names of uncredited but hugely influential session musicians of the ’60s and ’70s. Extending from physical music releases to music collectibles that corroborate that release data or anchor releases and artists in a time, space, or scene, is a logical progression for Discogs.

David Bowie Posters on the Discogs Database

Add Your Music Books, Posters, And Films

You might struggle to find a release that isn’t on Discogs, but you probably have music biographies, memoirs, documentaries, biopics, or posters, that we’re saving a spot for. You can add your books here, posters here, and films here.

We Want To Hear From You

We’re super excited about extending Discogs’ music data offering and improving this feature with your help. Let us know what you think and how you think it could be better.

Anyway, reading about it is one thing. Head over to your favorite artist’s page on Discogs and check out their books, posters, and films for the full experience.

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  • Jul 11,2019 at 12:34

    The integration is great and will drive traffic to the other sites. A couple improvements I’d like to see: A place to note language on the release page would be nice. A place to note religion on nonsecular releases would be helpful.

  • Jun 23,2019 at 21:37

    Please launch a Gameogs database!

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