Discogs Collectors’ Tales #034: Karma Initiative By Loopstation

I was very young when introduced to the black gold. Must have been 10 years old. I was a Beatles fan and my uncle own a lot of Jukeboxes in several pubs in Antwerp (Belgium). He had a room full of boxes with used singles. One day he said to me "you can take wathever you want". That was a big challenge because there where no covers anymore and my english was (still is) not so good at this young age. It was my first digging experience. All the singles from the Beatles, The Osmonds, The Sweet, etc. came from that room. I can't imagine what I'd left behind, but there where treasusers unknown to me.  When I was 13 years old I was into Spacerock and I had not much money to spend. I went to a recordfaire, one of the first in Antwerp, in search for a something worthwhile to have. I came across the firt copy Hawkwind and  Ashra Tempel (I was heavy into Klaus Schulze). I asked the prize and was flabbergasted. The guy took pity on me and asked me how much many I had. Not enough to buy even one of them. He gave both of them for what I had (5€ in 1978). The records where from a friend of his and he would deal with him.  Years later I saw him again on the ineternational record fair in Ghent and told him the story again and thanked him. He laughed and remembered explaning to his friend why he'd let go of the copies so cheap. Well sometimes I sell a record and if the guy or girl who wants it is young and not rich I tend to give the album for free. I guess I will be in balance with my Karma.  Well that's one of many stories.

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  • Jan 14,2017 at 16:51

    If you’re looking for a new story, here is one. See this recent thread: https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/732613?page=1#7270295

    The story: yesterday evening a user was looking for an English band from the late 80s with a blonde singer. There are a lot of course, and no more clues. I read his message just before I went to bed but couldn’t find the answer as it was really too vague. In my bed, just before I felt asleep, almost in my dreams, I remember this obscure band leaded my a blonde singer [a=Transvision Vamp] for which I just own this single ([r=487804]). I was too tired and asleep to get up again and going back to my computer. This morning, I still had this idea in my mind. I posted a reply to the thread, and bingo!!! It was really the band this guy was looking for. He seems happy, and me too. It makes my day :)

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