Discogs Collectors’ Tales #040:No Way Out By IWantToBelieve

I'm from Italy. I lived in London for 1 year. Falling in love with music and records, I started working hard to pay the rent and for record shopping. I was so satisfied about my life in that time! Then I started felt strange.. Incredible headache, vomit like the day after the hangover! I was forced at bed, unable to speak, unable to walk, unable to dance and digging. It was terrible! It was Christmas time, so I felt really depressed!! I returned at my home, in Rome, in health emergency. My family was really scared when I've been hospitalized.. After a week at the hospital I start a rehab  with physiotherapists and doctors of all types. But, I started my own cure.. I was forced in an hospital with a pair of headphones and a laptop. I start listen a lot of music, I started buying records, cds.. Everything you can do in an hospital with an internet connection!  After 4 years I can say that I'm alive, I'm fine and I'm in love with music more than ever! Actually I can say that music saves my life, cause after that, after all unjust depression, after all that had happened to me , and that I did not deserve,  I start a small warehouse of records with a friend in Rome! It's going streght! Thanks music, thanks life!

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