Discogs Collectors’ Tales #042: Cash Only By Harrysmorgan

!st time ver in NYC, 2007, wondering around the hotel I find a flea market inside a subterranean parking, I go in with my girlfriend ans it's all jewelry and stuff like that, my girl is loving it (two levels of the stuff) And suddenly I find the one guy with records, he had the looks, 60ish, big white beard. I start looking through the boxes (crates should I say) and I come across some VERY nice 60s garage rock LPs, all original pressings, I ask the gut for prices and nothing is more than 8$ !!! I work my best poker face and I start to make a pile with the stuff I'm taking, but then it hits me, I have no cash! I need to get my girl who is in girlie heaven! I leave my pile inside the crate, go get her, run back to the guy and when I get back there's a guy standing there with my whole pile in his hand! I wanted to cry, but I do not know why I stuck around just enough to see the guy put them ALL BACK IN THE CRATE, I jumped grabbed it paid the guy (he charged me even less) And as i turn around with the biggest smile ever another guy has a go at the guy because he had asked hin to save them for him! EPIC WIN!!!  (I'm smiling a lot as I write this)

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