Discogs Collectors’ Tales #043: Meeting Mr Chambers By Sixteanein

I had been collecting albums for about six months when I was elected student of the month at my school in my senior year. Along with the title, you would get a little section of the newspaper where you and the other people who won could put some fun facts about yourself. I, naturally, put that I collected vinyl records and left it at that. About two weeks later, I got called into the office. They told me that an older man called the school saying that he saw that I put I liked collecting vinyl and that he didn't have anywhere to go with all the albums he collected in his youth and that he'd like to give them to someone who'd appreciate them. I freaked out, and as soon as I got home my dad and I left go to his house. On that day, he singlehandedly doubled my whole collection. I went from having about 250 vinyl records to having nearly 600.  Never will I find another worthwhile hobby than collecting vinyl, in my opinion. I've been a lifelong fan of the 60's and 70's, but since I've really gotten into vinyl, so many worlds have opened up with the introduction of the more obscure bands of the 70's like YES and King Crimson. Along with that what other hobby allows such a wide variety of worlds to interact? Meeting Mr Chambers was one of those experiences in life that you never forget. I made a great friend from my collecting of vinyl. Mr Chambers was a former Navy vet, and one of the absolute kindest person you'll ever meet. I feel honored to have met him, and to have bonded with him in something as beautiful as music. Discogs is one of my favorite places to buy vinyl as well, and I appreciate all that you've done for people around the world. I am a living example of someone who's live would not have been the same without the introduction of vinyl. Music is truly a gift, and I am appreciative of how it has benefited my life from the beginning.

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