Discogs Collectors’ Tales #045: Grandma’s Stash By Seabass77

Entering my grandmother's dusty old attic, I flip a light to clear my view. Visiting her is never easy. She lives in a rural part of France, in the southwest near the city of Bordeaux. Although my mother frequently spoke French, it never materialized as a spoken language for me, and I was relegated to only understanding certain phrases. I shared my great love for vinyl records with my uncle, who lived with my grandmother. As I arrived for my visit, I was excited to find new records that I could add to my collection, including those rare European pressings that could never be found in America. As I arrive, I immediately am treated to a lunch after my exhausting trip. After, I race up the stairs to the attic with my uncle in tow. Her attic is covered with ancient fibreglass insulation that covers my clothing liberally. I carefully pull out the box labeled "musique" and open its cardboard cover. I am stunned at the immense collection of classical records, spanning over a full century of composers. Various European pop records were scattered around, the product of my own mother's tastes. I quickly found that the volume of records would not fit in my suitcase, so I proceeded to purchase a new large suitcase to fit the massive collection I had just inherited. After a couple more weeks of sorting and enjoying the company of my grandmother and my uncle, it was time to go home. I felt a little bad about stealing all of my grandmother's records, but in my mind, I was giving them new life in a world where I could relive my mother and grandmother's lives through their unique tastes in music. I still own all of them, and have never sold one.

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