Discogs Collectors’ Tales #050: Search For The Holy Grail By Razanez

I was born in '91, and always digged heavy music. In 2005, in local music store, I saw finnish band Mokoma's "Kurimus" vinyl LP. In the time liked the band a lot, so I bought it, 'cause it was cool and had poster with autographs.   Soon I bought old record player from my friend, and started to listen my few records I collected mainly from flea markets. In 2009 as a graduation present I got Pro-ject rpm 1.3. player from my mother, and by the time I had collected a half meter of records. From there on, it has been wild times!  Nowadays I am completely obsessed by 80's heavy metal obsurities (Mokoma records I gave away in 2010). I've been almost two years in permanent job, and I truly haven't had any problem where to put my money! My heavy metal collection is really precious to me, and I have managed to collect many really rare and awesome items. And there is still couple of holy grails to hunt, I will not stop until I'll get them!

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