Discogs Database Guidelines Now Available in Spanish

For the first time ever, the full Discogs Database Guidelines are available in Spanish!

The Discogs Database Submission Guidelines are the backbone of Discogs; the product of almost 20 years of community-driven discussion about the best way to catalog all of the music in the world.  The Database Guidelines include over 30,000 words detailing precisely how music data should be documented on Discogs. 

With over 11.5 million releases cataloged and more than 6 million artists documented on the Discogs database, our international discography continues to grow. Discogs hopes the Database Guidelines translations will better support our international community, and further aide the Discogs’ vision of building the biggest and most comprehensive music database in the world.

No one is more familiar with the lingo and complexity of music cataloging quite like Discogs database contributors. Translations for the Discogs Database Guidelines are 100% crowdsourced from the Discogs contributor community. Over a dozen Spanish contributors helped with the Database Guidelines translation.  A special thank you to Jevo, macaumetal, Martin_H_Unzonwaxsessions, mcymd, and Sergio_Reyes who each contributed a significant amount of time toward this translation effort.

List of top Spanish translators

The Discogs Community Translation Team is currently working to complete German translations, along with continuing to improve French and Spanish translations. If you have feedback about any Discogs translations, please let us know in the Discogs Internationalization (i18n) GroupDiscogs Community Members interested in getting involved with the translation effort can join the Discogs Community Translation Team

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