Discogs Database In Review: Do Discogs Junkies Buy More On Pay Day?

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is definitely kicking off. I rarely notice the longer days, because I spend all my time on Discogs, but I still see the seasons by the shifting patterns in contributions to the Discogs Database. Every year, as summer rolls out above the equator (where the highest concentrations of Discoggers live), contributions take a turn southward. The number of images added to artist pages was up 3% on March, but total contributions were down 6%. At least some people are getting their annual dose of vitamin D.

Not me. I get paid on the 25th of every month, so I spent the last week lining up a couple of big purchases, trying to find sellers with a large number of items in my wantlist that also have cheap shipping. I always buy a lot of records in the first week after I get paid — because Discogs. Mind you, I don’t buy as much as some people I know, who just can’t seem to get out of the trap of trading fresh records at the beginning of the month for a steady diet of instant noodles at the end. We all know the type; it’s trite to even mention it.

When one of our Customer Success guys (again) purchased more records than anyone could possibly listen to in a lifetime, I also couldn’t help scratching another addiction of mine – crunching numbers on the world’s largest musicological dataset. I had to ask myself…

Do Discogs Junkies Buy More On Pay Day?

Yes. Big yes. Here’s how we broke it down.

Looking at all purchases on the Discogs Marketplace from May 2018 to the end of April 2019, I calculated the total number of purchases on each day of the month (first, second, third, etc.) and adjusted the count for the number of times each day of the month appears in one year. There are 12 instance of the “first day of the month,” but only 11 instances of “30th day of the month” and seven of “31st day of the month.”

Next I looked at the average number of orders per day and compared each day’s total to the average, to see if any days of the month had a higher than average number of orders. The results suggest that, like me, people around the world start placing more orders around the end of the month and the beginning of the next month than in the middle of any month.

But are we all vinyl junkies? No. Discogs is for everyone, and some people just don’t like instant noodles as much as others. However, taking a look at the instant noodle crowd is where the real juicy insights are hiding. Filtering the previous analysis on all orders more than $100USD reveals there is a hot spot of “big purchase” activity around the first of every month. A big one: The number of big purchases made on the first of every month is 20% higher than the average for all days of the month!

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