Discogs Database In Review: November 2018

The end of the year is getting close and the total volume of contributions is beginning to slow down, in line with patterns seen in previous years. The huge spike in Artist and Label page edits from September and October has begun to slow as well, although there is still a lot of activity from a group of contributors working their way through Artists labeled as ‘Invalid’.

We’re still working hard to translate all the Database Guidelines into every language supported by Discogs – French, Italian, German, Japanese and Spanish. It’s no small feat, so a big thank you goes out to all the Contributors who helped translate the Database Glossary and the first ~5,000 words of the Submission Guidelines into Spanish over the past 3 weeks. It happened much faster than anticipated so we’re still evaluating how it went and working out how we can improve the process for future translations.


Daily Submissions

Top Contributors In November

From The Database Forum

New To The Database

There were no additions to the Guidelines in November.


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