Discogs Engineering Updates, April 6 – April 19 2017

Website Features

  • Accepting an offer in the marketplace no longer automatically redirects to the newly-created order; instead sellers are shown a message that allows them to visit the order if they would like, but stay and process more offers if needed.
  • Previously, if buyers asked us to guess their currency based on location, Discogs would guess on every page that loaded a currency. We’ve changed this behavior to guess once, and save that guess, to improve the performance of the Marketplace. Buyers can always ask the site to guess again (or manually change their currency to any we support) in their buyer settings.
  • Sellers will now see a preview of the Discogs fee for an item when listing it from the main “Sell Item” form accessible from all release pages. The fee appears automatically after a price is entered.

Bug Fixes

  • Tidied a bug causing bad formatting in Marketplace Order messages.
  • Corrected an error that caused items returned by the Listing endpoint in our API to have blank thumbnail image URLs.
  • Updated the Marketplace order page to handle a bug in which some buyers could not view very old purchases from sellers with incomplete payment / shipping settings.
  • Fixed an error in which Marketplace orders could appear in API results in a partially-created state.
  • Cleaned up a bug causing order items to sort randomly for sellers on the Order page.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sellers from accepting or declining multiple offers in a row.

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