Engineering bug fixes

Discogs Engineering Updates, February 9 – February 22 2017

Discogs is focused on continuously improving to ensure you get the best experience when buying and selling records you love, and connecting with music-lovers across the globe. Here’s all latest engineering updates and fixes that have been implemented in the past week to make Discogs better than ever.

Features & Updates

  • Personal access tokens created in Developer settings are now easier to copy / paste.
  • The Discogs API now provides headers to help clients avoid hitting our rate limits. More details are available in the documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a bug causing incorrect organization of Albums and Compilations on some artist pages.
  • Updated our API documentation to list all supported currencies.
  • Smoothed some display issues with the “Add to Collection / Add to Wantlist” et al. context menus when browsing database search results.

Mobile Apps

  • Android App Version 1.0.9 released.  Improvements include:
    • Marketplace sales listing improvements
    • You can change your preferred currency.
    • Simplified the price suggestions and sales history.
    • Several VinylHub improvements.
    • Fixed order status bug.
    • Fixed sorting collection by date added.
    • Improved messaging for orders.
    • Collection value syncing improvements.
    • Added better error logging.
    • Many other bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • iOS App Version 1.9 released.
    • Marketplace listing improvements
    • Navigation improvements
    • Account creation flow improvements
    • Artist sorting improvements
    • Several other bug fixes and stability improvements

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