Discogs Engineering Updates, January 26 – February 8 2017

Discogs is focused on continuously improving to ensure you get the best experience when buying and selling records you love, and connecting with music-lovers across the globe. Here’s all latest engineering updates and fixes that have been implemented in the past week to make Discogs better than ever.

Features & Updates:

  • The “Help & Support” link in the site footer now points to our new support portal.
  • Users who change their username in one Discogs session will be forced to re-login for any other open sessions.
  • Sellers now have the option of adding a tracking number to an order when they set it to “Shipped”.

Bug Fixes:

  • Performance improvements to the “Have”/”Want” counts on pages that show multiple releases, artists, or labels.
  • Various fixes to reduce spam in the Discogs database.
  • Knocked out a bug causing some link failures for some users viewing Discogs in Deutsch (and updated other translations on the site in the process).
  • Cleaned up a bug in which credits for Marketplace fees issued for when sellers refund orders will be removed if the order is later cancelled.
  • Rearranged a confusing stack of buttons in the Shipping Policy section of Seller settings to make the “save” button clearly set apart.
  • Updated API documentation to clearly indicate throttling rules regarding user agents.

Mobile Apps
Many new features and bug fixes have been released to Android and iOS Beta Testers.  Interested in helping beta test the official Discogs Apps?  Sign up to be an iOS Beta Tester or an Android Beta Tester.

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