Discogs Engineering Updates, July 13th – 26th

Website Features

  • Began an initial beta rollout of our newest “Tracks” feature to a select group of users; will gather feedback and plan for the next phase of rolling out to more users (so stay tuned!)
  • Added new BAOI options for release submissions
  • Deprecated saving pagination and layout preferences in a cookie for logged out browsers (this feature is still present for logged in users!)

Bug Fixes

  • We’ll no longer send sell-block notifications for deleted items
  • Some error messages shown when making an offer are now more visible
  • Have/want counts should no longer be incorrectly cached as “0”
  • Removed the “Undefined” credit which caused issues with re-indexing data after submissions, edits, etc.

Mobile Apps

  • Released Discogs iOS App Version 1.11:
    • Improved Discogs Messages Integration
    • Buyer and Seller Feedback view
    • Tracklist improvements for compilations
    • View & link to all Artists credited on a track
    • Barcode permissions improvement
    • Keyboard UX improvement
    • Video audio can play while in silent mode
  • Released Discogs Android App Version 1.13:
    • Better handling of artist, label & master releases
    • Improved syncing of collection & wantlist
    • Added recent releases for artists
    • Sales statistics stability improvements
    • Improvements to the marketplace item layout

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