Discogs Engineering Updates, March 9 – March 23 2017

Features & Updates

  • Added some detail to messages that buyers receive when offers on Marketplace items are declined. Occasionally, these declined offers are due to items being removed from the Marketplace – buyers will now be able to tell when this is the case, so they don’t misinterpret a declined offer as a refusal on the seller’s part.
  • Sellers adding a tracking number when marking Marketplace orders as shipped can now indicate which shipping service is being used, and the tracking number will automatically link to that service’s tracking information. Supported services:
    • DHL, USPS, and UPS for United States sellers
    • Royal Mail for UK sellers
    • La Poste for French sellers
    • Deutsche Post and DHL Germany for German sellers
  • Updated the help links in the header and the order page to use new support portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Some individual Marketplace items’ pages were not showing shipping costs to buyers when the seller had applicable shipping policies – but no longer!
  • Corrected an issue with release edits that was causing artist and label pages to lag behind the latest updates, necessitating blank edits.
  • Fixed an issue with the releases API endpoint – the lowest available price for some releases was returned in an incorrect currency.

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