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Discogs Engineering Updates, March 24 – April 5 2017

Website Features

  • Sellers in the Netherlands can now indicate their tracking numbers use PostNL to have the tracking number automatically linked to the PostNL tracking site.
  • Updated our Record Store Day page for 2017! Submit a release with a release date of 2017-04-22 and put “Record Store Day” in the notes for it to appear on our list of RSD releases.

API Updates

  • The release and master release endpoints in the Discogs API now round the lowest_price value to two decimal points.
  • Updated the inventory and marketplace listing endpoints in the Discogs API to include a thumbnail key. Authenticated clients see the URL of the large thumbnail for each item’s release in this field; others will see an empty string.
  • The marketplace listing API endpoint now shows the seller’s shipping terms and payment methods.
  • For authenticated API clients, a shipping_price key will show on the marketplace listing endpoint if applicable, based on the seller’s shipping policies and the authenticated user’s buyer settings. (Since this is based on buyer settings, it also is only available to authenticated clients.)

Bug Fixes

  • Improved error handling on the Marketplace order page and the offers interface.
  • Corrected an error that caused some sellers to be unable to see and change all of their shipping policies.
  • Updated the tooltip shown for users in the offers interface to correctly display feedback ratings.
  • Fixed an error in which Marketplace orders could appear in API results in a partially-created state.


  • Released Android App version 1.10
    • Improvements to Orders, Purchases and Inventory: Major improvements to how Marketplace data is pulled in!  
    • Improved Collection & Wantlist syncing.
    • VinylHub improvements.
    • Added app shortcuts for supported devices: Users with Android 7.1+ will now be able to long-tap the Discogs app icon to  to access any of the most used features in the app (Search, Collection, Wantlist, Scan barcode)
    • Menu UX improvements.
    • Permissions updates
    • Many other bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Released new iOS App version to Beta Testers. Email if you want to become an official Discogs iOS App Beta Tester.

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