Discogs Engineering Updates, May 4 – May 20 2017

Website Features

  • Started an experiment with providing recommendations at the bottom of sellers’ store pages. This experiment shows some buyers recommended items for sale by the seller they are viewing, based on the buyer’s collection and/or Wantlist.

Bug Fixes

  • Small fixes to language and character counter in the “leave feedback” window.
  • Corrected an issue with the “random item” feature on collection and Wantlist pages showing the same 2 or 3 items repeatedly for each user.
  • Wiped out a bug in which some shipping policies with a minimum subtotal were reflected in the cart, but not on the main marketplace list-of-items pages.

Mobile Apps:

  • Official Discogs App for iOS: Version 1.10 released:
    • New user onboarding improvements
    • Empty search results help
    • Barcode scanning UX improvement
    • Artist Members formatting fix
    • YouTube video playback fix
    • Fix for feedback rating display issue
    • Improvements for Wantlist pricing
    • Improved crash reporting
  • Official Discogs App for Android: Version 1.12 released:
    • New user onboarding improvements
    • Empty search results help
    • Improved Inventory handling
    • Improved layout for sales items
    • Added thumbnails to listings
    • More helpful error messages
  • New Discogs App version released to our Android Beta Testers. Email app@discogs.com if you would like to become a Discogs App Beta Tester on iOS or Android.

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