Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Wham! - Club Tropicana

Discogs’ Favorite Summer Anthems: Staff Picks

9 months out of the year (or 10 or 11, depending on where we are) we’re longing for the sun and all the goodness that summer brings. Now that it’s finally hit, you can bet your butts we’re throwing on some tunes and partying like there’s no wintery tomorrow. 

To celebrate the return of the sun, we’re thinking about our favorite summer anthems. These are the songs and albums that say warm days, cold beers, beach, friends, long evenings, and becoming one less shade of pale. Even in a pinch, when it’s cold and the weather sucks, these summer anthems transport us to warmer climes, evoking the smell of sun lotion, the taste of ice cream and the feeling of sand between our toes.

Check out our favorite summer anthems:

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Atari Teenage Riot - Kids Are United / Start The Riot

Atari Teenage Riot – Kids Are United / Start The Riot

Start the riot!!!!!!!!!!

– Fox, Database Success Coordinator

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Broasted Or Fried Latin Breakbeats, Basslines, Boogaloo

Various ‎– Broasted Or Fried: Latin Breakbeats, Basslines & Boogaloo

Normally I would shy away from recommending reissue compilations for any of our Discogs list, but this collection changed my life, and it sounds SO good in the summertime! Hands down, this is one of the best golden era Latin Soul collections out there, and a fantastic intro for anyone who wants to begin exploring the genre. Featuring legends of the genre like Joe Bataan, Tito Puente, Monguito Santamaria (son of Mongo Santamaria), Joe Pastrana, Hector Rivera, this LP is perfect for your next summertime patio party.

Music historian/writer/producer James Maycock, who compiled this collection, has superb taste, and had his hand in a number of other KILLER compilations from the Harmless and Vampi Soul labels.

If you like this one, be sure to check out the supplemental comps Freak Off and Brown Sugar for more Latin Soul from the 1960s and 1970s.

– Shannon, Community Success Coordinator

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Metronomy - The English Riviera

Metronomy ‎– The English Riviera

This albums absolutely IS summer to me. Maybe it’s the seagulls squawking (presumably over the waves of the English Riviera), but the calm strings take you straight to a calm, English seaside town. Then the bassy opening of ‘We Broke Free’ remind you that summer isn’t all about loafing (though still very important), you’ve got some serious partying to do. The shimmery synth of ‘The Look’ might as well be sunrays reflecting off the ocean, but no summer anthem list would complete without a mention of mid-album highlight, ‘The Bay’. The driving chorus: “It feels so good in my bay” makes you feel like you own the world and all its sun-soaked spoils. 

– Jess, Search Engine Marketer

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Modest Mouse - The Fruit That Ate Itself

Modest Mouse ‎– The Fruit That Ate Itself

Initially released in May of 1997, The Fruit That Ate Itself is a perfect summer album. Between “Summer”, “Karma’s Payment”, and “The Waydown” I’m brought back to sunny, carefree, and angsty summer days of my adolescence. The whole album just barely breaks 20 minutes, perfect for those short-summer-attention-spans.

– Kirsten, Product Owner

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Skream - Skream!

Skream ‎– Skream!

Skream’s debut album, Skream!, was released at the height of UK dubstep (and before dubstep was a four-letter word) in 2006. For some reason, this album keeps pulling me back every summer. Maybe it’s the bright yellow lettering over the image of an awkward, sweaty Oliver Jones at a house party, but something about this album has me revisiting it every summer. Summer Dreams, Dutch Flowerz, and Blue Eyez all give me that summer-time, put a record on and chill in the hot heat kind of vibe. Summer Dreams is definitely my favorite track from the album; it’s just a shame it wasn’t included on the 3xLP version of the release!

– Rodney, Developer

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - Summertime

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ‎– Summertime

Simply the greatest summer anthem ever recorded.

– Aaron, Community Engagement Specialist

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: The Stone Roses - Fools Gold 9.53

The Stone Roses ‎– Fools Gold 9.53

The long version, dammit. Only the long version. Best bass line of all time.

– Matt F, Database Success Coordinator

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: OutKast - ATLiens

OutKast ‎– ATLiens

Every track is a hit. EVERY. TRACK.

– Bailey, Integrated Marketing Manager

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: The Drifters - Under The Boardwalk / I Don't Want To Go On Without You

The Drifters ‎– Under The Boardwalk / I Don’t Want To Go On Without You

Growing up in Georgia, the drive to escape the heat in any way possible was visceral and compelling, so The Drifter’s summer anthem, “Under the Boardwalk,” seemed to offer a cool musical getaway, even when I was listening to it on the radio in a scorching hot car.

– Stephanie, Controller

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: The Stooges - Fun House

The Stooges ‎– Fun House

Kinda two strategies you can take with summer jams: try to get some psychosomatic air conditioning, or revel in the perspiration. I vote for Option #2.

– Jason, Developer

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Wham! - Club Tropicana

Wham! ‎– Club Tropicana

This might seem like an obvious choice, and that’s because it is. But if we’re talking about Summer Anthems, this is the one. I mean, it even has crickets! I didn’t really get into Wham! until after George Michael‘s solo debut “Faith“. Wham!’s compilation album “The Final” was the first vinyl record I ever purchased. I was more into CDs at that time, somewhere in the early 90s. Strange though that I’ve never seen the artwork for this single before, don’t think I ever came across it at record fairs or thrift shops. I’m sure I would have noticed as the photo, weird lay out and typography are very different from what I was expecting.

– Lilian, Content Marketing Specialist

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Dow Jones And The Industrials / The Gizmos - Hoosier Hysteria

Dow Jones And The Industrials / The Gizmos ‎– Hoosier Hysteria!

Tim and I were just talking about this album recently, a split released in 1980 by two of Indiana’s finest punk rock bands. My pick for a summer anthem is from the B-side: “Pay” by the Gizmos. Fast and breezy but with some critical substance under the surface. Put this one on repeat and tell all your friends you want an ice cold Gatorade.

– Mark, Developer

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Mezzoforte - Garden Party

Mezzoforte ‎– Garden Party

Cheesy 80s jazz-funk perfect for a garden party.

– Karl, Developer

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Queens Of The Stone Age - The Way You Used To Do

Queens Of The Stone Age ‎– The Way You Used To Do

All of this! The Mark Ronson production is straight fire! That swing to the clap track and the opening guitar riff. Fire. Imagine Cab Calloway singing (yes, the Minnie the Moocher guy!) and you can feel/hear the layers in which this song dives… but let’s keep it surface and summer. Josh Homme wrote this song about his wife, Brody Dalle. “The Way You Used To Do” is the most romantic of threats to anyone daring to restrict his love for his wife.

If the world exploded behind us
I never noticed if it done
Let nobody dare confine us
I’ll bury anyone who does

Of note, if you’re not familiar with Brody Dalle, check out The Distillers’ Coral Fang. But obviously, keep your distance. You don’t want Josh showing up at your front door ready to bash your skull in.

– Jeffrey, Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Dr Dre - 2001

Dr. Dre ‎– 2001

I’m a West Coast kid and nothing hits harder in the summer than Dr. D-R-E. BBQs, beers, and parties that don’t stop ’til 6 in tha mornin’!

– Alfred, Operations Manager

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Starfuckers - Reptilians

Starfucker ‎– Reptilians

I discovered Starfucker in the summer of 2012 with this album, and it quickly became an anthem for that summer – and all summers thereafter. Each track reminds me of long sunny evenings on the beaches of Vancouver, road trips into the interior, or enjoying mid-week drinks and dances with good friends. This album warms me from the inside like a hot afternoon in July.

– David, Community Success Lead

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind

Architecture In Helsinki ‎– Do The Whirlwind

I think any Architecture in Helsinki song makes me think of summer, but especially this one!

– Claire, Managing Director of Operations

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Satin Jackets - Panorama Pacifico

Satin Jackets ‎– Panorama Pacifico

Summer is all about sunsets, having the right soundtrack makes the moment memorable, this release does it for me.

– Anton, Developer

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Talking Heads - Sand In The Vaseline

Talking Heads ‎– Sand In The Vaseline – Popular Favourites 1976-1992

So many summer jams on this one. Popsicle, Take Me to the River, The Big Country… they all remind me of summer road trips, hanging out on the beach, and watching sunsets.

– Wes, Director of Engineering

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: El Guincho - Alegranza

El Guincho ‎– Alegranza

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but I remember heading into my first Primavera Sound where he was going to perform for the first time in a big festival and it felt like a really big deal. El Guincho’s breakthrough record was all pure summer vibes and the very beginning of this tropical trend that made alternative festivals get filled with African and South-American musicians (yes!) and very colourful clothing.

– Javi, Community Success Coordinator

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Arcade Fire - Everything Now

Arcade Fire ‎– Everything Now

This is probably my 2017 summer anthem.

– Yoram, Community Success Coordinator

 Summer is here (kinda), time to blast some summer anthems! What are your summer jams?

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