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Discogs iOS App 2.1 – Improved Interface And Credit Card Payments

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After announcing some major improvements to the Android app a few weeks ago, we’re now ready to show the new Discogs iOS app 2.1 to the world! Discover what is new and how it can help you have the best Discogs experience possible. 

The Discogs iOS app now includes a new ‘My Discogs’ layout as well a credit card payment option for supported Sellers via Discogs Payments.

Former updates of the iOS app 2.0 included a way to explore the discography, a Collection Roulette feature, blog content, upgraded VinylHub integration, video streaming, and a more fully-featured Marketplace integration for Buyers and Sellers.

iOS app My Discogs view

A New ‘My Discogs’ Layout:

‘My Discogs’ is a new take on the Discogs Profile. Quickly view your total collection value range, your latest collection and wantlist additions, and quickly jump into your seller tools, contribution & purchase history. My Discogs is the very first screen you’ll see when opening the Discogs app, and we are determined to make that a beautiful experience! The new layout isn’t only more appealing but also more comprehensive: Buyer/Seller ratings, profile information, Collection value, Collection, Wantlist, Friends, Lists, Purchases, Orders, and Contributions. All together in one single page!

Discogs Payments On-The-Go:

This is huge! Now you’ll be able to pay with credit card for your purchases directly in the app. This will be possible when you buy from supported Sellers using Discogs Payments. And yes, we are also waving goodbye to our savings account right now.

And Oh So Much More!

As we mentioned before, the previous version of the iOS app already had plenty of cool features for music collectors!

Just to name a few: You can already review your daily Wantlist message, have access to the Discogs Marketplace, check your current and past purchases, and communicate with Discogs Sellers, all from within the app.

Traveling the world or just hanging around your area? With the Vinylhub integration, you’ll always have the most complete interactive map of record stores on your iPhone. As easy as it sounds!

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Questions? Check out the App FAQs, visit discogs.com/app, or chat with us in the Discogs App Forum.

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