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Discogs iOS App 2.2 Improves Discoverability And Exploration

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It’s been a few months since the last big update to the Discogs iOS app, which introduced new payment and user profile functionality. Now we’re back with an even more immersive experience for power users and recent converts alike in iOS version 2.2.

Improved Discovery

With the new search page, we’ve improved the ability to explore the Discogs Database. Before you ever search for a single release, you now have the opportunity to browse trending releases in the “What’s Hot” section, as well as the most-wanted and most-collected releases among our community. And if you get a hankering for a specific genre, you can dig into those, too.

As Discogs product owner Nicole Wolf said while discussing the new feature, the goal of these features was to “remind users that Discogs is a living, breathing thing.”

Search Suggestions And Enhanced Results

The goal of improved exploration also extends to the search functionality itself for version 2.2. Now when you search for a phrase, you’re offered search suggestions similar to those on the desktop version of Discogs.

The search results page has been beefed up as well, with results now divided into release, artist, and label categories. When relevant, release results are gathered into master releases to streamline the process and keep you from wading through dozens of results that seem identical.

Speaking of master releases, you can now see all items for sale from a master release page, in case you absolutely need a copy of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, but you don’t care whether it’s an original pressing from 1998 or the 2015 reissue.

More Improvements

In addition to the new features, several other improvements have been made to refine and enrich the user experience, from decrease launch time and improved YouTube player controls to streamlined order page access (via your app inbox) and new icons.

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