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Discogs’ IOSS Number Is Now Available

We’re happy to let you know that Discogs’ IOSS number, IM5280008075, has been added to the commercial receipt for all orders.

Beginning July 1, 2021, Discogs is required to collect EU supply of goods VAT on orders below the low-value goods threshold of €150. IOSS, or Import One-Stop-Shop, is an electronic system designed to allow goods imported into the EU from outside the EU to pass through customs more efficiently. The IOSS number included on Discogs’ commercial receipt declares to customs officials that supply of goods VAT has been charged at an appropriate rate on the order and paid by the buyer.

As a reminder to sellers, the commercial receipt should be attached to the outside of each package for all orders shipped outside of your home country. Attaching a commercial receipt will help speed customs clearance of goods shipped internationally which means your buyers will receive their orders faster. The commercial receipt can be accessed by buyer or seller by clicking ‘Print’ at the top of the order page. Where applicable, the supply of goods VAT amount collected on the order is itemized along with the order subtotal and shipping costs.

The addition of the commercial receipt and IOSS number ensures buying and selling across borders remains straightforward and sustainable for all. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support of Discogs.

For more information about supply of goods VAT, check out the FAQ.

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