Discogs Launches NearMint: The Answer To Your Inventory Management Prayers

Today we have a big announcement for professional record sellers. We are launching a new inventory platform: NearMint.

For professional sellers and stores with inventory numbers in the 1,000s to the 100,000s, keeping inventory up-to-date can be very challenging and usually involves juggling CSV files instead of shipping orders. NearMint will be providing the tools that allow sellers to manage their inventory smarter, thrive in the marketplace and grow their business without drowning in CSV files.

“For years I ran a small business on Discogs as a side hustle, always looking for better ways to minimize the mundane data processes to focus my time on finding better collections to buy and grow the business,” said NearMint creator and Managing Director, Daniel Spijker. “I had been looking for a tech solution for a long time, but never found something and eventually started working on my own, which turned into NearMint.”

At Discogs, our community is at the very core of everything we do. So since embarking on this project we interviewed over a hundred sellers and built many of NearMint’s features in direct response to the challenges of sellers in today’s connected, multi-channel world. We have also invited some sellers to join the beta program and use NearMint to manage their inventories. This is what they are telling us about their experience so far with NearMint:

Using NearMint has significantly increased our listing productivity and allows us to list and sell more stock, making a real impact to our business.

Brian, Philadelphia Music

Sameer from 3345 Records using NearMint to manage his record and CD inventory

Sameer from 3345 Records using Nearmint in his record store

Last Record Store Day we used NearMint to upload and manage all our RSD titles in the right quantity. This allowed us to continue selling our stock all through the night without flooding the marketplace, and more importantly without any manual work. NearMint is an essential development for professional Discogs users!

Sameer, 3345vinylrecords 

A great inventory management tool. Lightning fast way to add new items for sale or to modify large selections of the inventory in bulk. The endless possibilities have ensured that I keep using it throughout the entire working day to process all the mutations of my online record store.

Roy, 430AM Studio

NearMint currently offers direct integration to Discogs for creating new listings one by one in a streamlined listing flow, or in bulk with advanced file upload and auto-matching functionality. Sellers also get more control over their business, with different logins for their employees, change logs per item and a dashboard with reports on their inventory over time.

To better manage their inventory, sellers can add quantity, tags and use comment templates, and always have access to the latest Discogs marketplace stats. Promotional campaigns are easier than ever through the NearMint platform. Sellers can easily change prices per item or in bulk, and add promotional texts to let our users know about it.

NearMint already manages over 1.9M inventory items for a number of sellers who were part of the beta program, and will soon roll out further to sellers worldwide.

Visit NearMint.io for more information and sign up to make managing your Discogs inventory easier.

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  • Aug 16,2019 at 21:19

    Hello. How can I have an ivite code, please?

  • Aug 15,2019 at 11:43

    Does this mean an end to seeing the same items day in day out in my wantlist message? Please say yes.

  • Aug 14,2019 at 23:17

    No way, i installed the creator of nearmint’s hardwood floor in amsterdam hahaha.. He also created some very nice leather vinyl-carrying bags. I have seen Daniel’s record collection, it is impressive!

  • Aug 7,2019 at 04:43

    Glad I finally got to meet Brian from Philadelphia music.

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