Pale models wears black Discogs t-shirt in front of brick wall, now available in EU online store

Discogs merch Has Landed In The EU

Great news if  you’re an EU dweller and you’ve been after Discogs merch but refuse to pay shipping prices – our EU merch store is now open and ready for business!

Click the Shop link at the bottom of any page on Discogs site and it will take you through to our online shop. If you’re in the EU, you’ll be directed through to our EU shop. You can still buy from our standard merch shop, but it will cost a bit more to ship.

We have t-shirts, hoodies and stickers available and ready for you to wear. You’ll look great going on trips to your local record store, crate digging events, the office, weddings, etc. Wherever you go, with a Discogs shirt on your back, you will go well!

Just check out these fine models we have adorned in our finest threads:

You too could look this good with a Discogs t-shirt or hoodie and with a little work on your Amster-tan.

Compliments we’ve received while wearing a Discogs t-shirt or hoodie:

“That Discogs t-shirt really makes your eyes pop”
“Have you been working out?”
“You look great”
“Where did you get that hoodie?”

These stickers are also ready to be slapped on everything you own, so there’ll be no doubt about your true calling as a pure-bred crate digger:

Discogs stickers amplify the cool-factor of any and all items and are now available in the EU

Not sure if you’re fully ready to commit to the Discogs look just yet? These also make the perfect gifts for the music lover or record collector in your life!

It’s true, the shelves of our EU merch store are currently a little light compared to that of our American counterparts. Watch this space, we’ll be packing it out with more Discogs merch and audiophile accessories in the near future.

What are you waiting for?! Get shopping now and look cooler that you’ve ever looked in your life!

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  • Apr 27,2017 at 2:49 pm

    The prices seem to be VAT exclusive… In Belgium (and I’m pretty sure other countries as well), when selling to consumers, you also HAVE TO mention the price including VAT! That’s the law.

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