Discogs Mix 65 – Epic Vinyls from Brazil

Epic Vinyls from Brazil – Brazil in the 80s – Primeiro

Based in Copenhagen, Epic Vinyls from Brazil is set to bring you new sounds from the past in the shape of DJ sets and mixtapes consisting of outstanding Brazilian songs that you most likely haven’t heard before.

The EVFB tracks are without exception from a collection of vinyl records in which the major part has been found on numerous travels to Brazil since the year 2000. Since 2014, EVFB has played festivals, toured in Europe and Brazil, and supported Brazilian icons such as Jorge Ben, Marcos Valle, Azymuth and Emicida. Currently in the pipeline is the completion of the third mix in a trilogy of “compacto mixes” with strictly Brazilian 7-inches and launching the second Afro Brazil Orixá mixtape.

On this exclusive for Discogs, our 10th mixtape of pure Brazilian music from the past, EVFB has now moved into the 1980s. We’ve weaved together a smooth mix of Modern Soul, Boogie, Brazilian Funk and Samba influences that are sure to bring out the sun and make your body move.
–Epic Vinyls from Brazil

1. Batucada Brasileira – Batucada Brasileira N°2 (00:00)
2. Hyldon – Siga O Teu Caminho (00:15)
3. Tim Maia – Você É A Estrela Do Meu Show (03:15)
4. Marcia Maria – Oh! Man (07:15)
5. Vilma Nascimento – Era Nova (10:20)
6. Guadelupe – Paraíso (11:05)
7. Tania Maria – Come With Me (13:15)
8. Emilio Santiago – Vem Menina (14:15)
9. As Melindrosas – Ciranda, Cirandeiro (17:45)
10. Cristina Camago – Estado de Graça (17:55)
11. Flavio Carvalho – Nada na Cuca (20:30)
12. Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge – Siri Que Marca A Onda Leva (22:45)
13. Black Junior’s – Mas Que Linda Estás (25:40)
14. Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge – Ginga (29:00)
15. Banda Black Rio – Tudo Bem (31:45)
16. Hyldon – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil (34:45)
17. Antonio Carlos e Jocafi – Se Dê Pra Mim (39:15)
18. Kauê – Sentindo-se Bem (42:00)
19. Sandra Sá – Bandeira (45:00)
20. Batucada Brasileira – Batucada Brasileira N°2 (48:30)

Epic Vinyls from Brazil: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

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