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Noha is a musician like few others in the contemporary Electronic music world. As a staggeringly creative individual, he is also a painter of some note. Noha was born and raised in Rome, certainly a city that’s long been renowned for its creative pursuits. He has harbored a fascination with music from a young age. It was when he discovered Electronic music that he gradually began to swap the paintbrush for the studio.

This decision has proven to be fruitful. After moving to Berlin a few years ago, he then founded Nabuco Records in 2014. Nabuco has been a vehicle for his own distinguished compositions, as well as for various other newcomers. The label has quickly earned support from some of Electronic music’s more discerning players. Always driven by a love for traveling and exploration, Noha has also spent time in Japan. This experience has greatly influenced both his outlook on life and music. His Persimmon release on the Tokyo label, Vis Rev Set, offers a fascinating insight into this experience and how it’s helped hone his unique and intricate sound.

Noha’s ascendency has proved impressive since kicking off Nabuco. He followed up his inaugural releases with EPs for the likes of legendary Berlin label Cabinet and All Inn’s sister label, Nilla. With further releases for some of the scene’s most respected labels, 2018 has been a pivotal year for this intriguing new talent.

This is a chilled mix for home listening. Recorded during a rainy day playing vinyl. — Noha

Noha Mix Tracklist:
1. Chaos in the CBD & Jon Sable – False Awakening
2. Theo Parrish – Gullah Geechee
3. Hiroshi Watanabe – Isolated Soul (Kuniyuki Remix)
4. Dorisburg & Efraim Kent – Tecken II
5. Alex & Digby – Citadel
6. Tom Ellis – Virgo
7. Henrik Bergqvist – Have A Nice Trip!
8. Nopax – Back On Funk
9. Dubtil – Remaked
10. Arapu – No More Space

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