Discogs Mix 79 - Marcel Vogel

Discogs Mix 79 – Marcel Vogel

Discogs Mix 79 comes from Marcel Vogel – DJ, producer, and head of the Amsterdam-based Lumberjacks In Hell and Intimate Friends labels. Click play in the player above to listen to the expertly crafted live mix, and peep his story and the tracklist below:

One of my earliest influences as a DJ and record collector was Journeys By DJ: Coldcut – 70 Minutes Of Madness. Naturally, that led to digging into the early DJ Food Jazz Breaks. That was over 20 years ago. From there, I have delved into House and later into Disco and Funk. Around 2004, Madvillainy re-sparked my interest in Hip Hop and Rap. I suppose living in Berlin from 2003 to 2007 and being exposed to Jazzanova and their extended circles exposed me to somewhat of a more eclectic approach of Djing, combining Nu Jazz and breaks and everything that’s available from the palette of dance music. To round it out, my relocation to Amsterdam in 2010 was my most recent step of evolution as a collector and DJ.

Now is a time where every DJ seems to be able to bang it out and play every aspect of rare leftfield music at the same time.

The development of the Internet, the availability of music without limits, and the possibilities of CDJs and USB sticks made it so much more interesting and rewarding to be part of the nightlife and share musical stories with the world. In 2019 every Doner Kebab vendor, every shoe store, and every bar has access to the coolest Spotify list and the craziest mixes on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. The unheard is being unearthed at a much faster pace. Common nerd-knowledge is shared on a global level like viruses in 12 Monkeys. Youtube and Boiler Room and online radio stations can’t keep any secrets for long. It’s wonderful, it’s competitive, and it creates forms of unity and belonging.

I suppose we have been dreaming of this; to be pulled down a rabbit hole of music that doesn’t know any limits or borders. That was the promise when I started to buy records and it has been fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams. Maybe we’ll encounter a sort of hangover at some point, but at the moment it looks like we’ll just keep rediscovering only madder and madder forgotten tunes from all corners of the world. And this is what this mix is about. Heritage, belonging, unity.

My family and my bonds have been created in our common passion for this sort of music. Call it freestyle if you want. Call it Disco. Or rare groove. Most days I don’t have a name for it. But it is still exciting and it makes me get up every day and do my research. Online and in the record stores. Who knew there was seemingly no end to it?

This is a live recording from Stevie Wonderland’s all nighter with Marcel Vogel in December 2018. A healthy mix between House and Disco to keep the dance floor moving.

Marcel Vogel Mix Tracklist:

1. Kolja Gerstenberg – How I Feel (unreleased Lumberjacks In Hell) [0:00] 2. Unknown To The Unknown [3:08] 3. Oliver Dollar & Crazy P – Loose Beat [7:08] 4. Dondolo – Dragon (Shit Robot ‘Firebreathing’ Remix) [10:36] 5. AmFlow featuring Koffee – Raw Uncut (Louie Vega Remix) [16:45] 6. Apparel Wax – 005 [21:40] 7. Jad & The – Dance To The Funk [26:30] 8. Yta Jourias – Adome Nyueto (Bosq Rework) [30:21] 9. Cotonete Vs Dimitri From Paris ‎- Paribbean Disco [36:20] 10. Debbie Jacobs ‎- Hot Hot (Give It All You Got) [41:47] 11. Debbie Jacobs – Don’t You Want My Love [47:44] 12. Pierre Perpall – U-Turn [51:50] 13. Rulefinn – Let The Ok Music Play [57:30] 14. Puff – In The Mood (Re-Edit) [1:00:00]

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Lumberjacks In Hell: Discogs | SoundCloud | Facebook

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