Discogs Mix 80 - Varoslav

Discogs Mix 80 – Varoslav

Varoslav is a Parisian DJ and producer of Czech origin, and owner of the Rue de Plaisance label. He has been now been a part of the electronic music scene for more than 20 years. As a DJ, this tireless record digger guides the dance regularly for thousands of electronic music lovers worldwide. Many of them have moved their bodies under his direction in Berlin (Cocoon, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Weekend), Ibiza (Space), Lisboa (Lux), London (Fabric, Half-Baked), New York (ReSolute), Roma (Goa), Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival) and for sure, in Paris (Rex Club, Concrete, and many more).

His 2008 EP Inside Ways pushed Varoslav as a producer to the forefront of the electronic music scene. Then, in 2011, he launched his own label: Rue de Plaisance (R2P for friends), which is the name of street where he grew up and where he still has his music studio. The label was the perfect opportunity for him to develop a more personal style. After two solo maxis (2011’s 100 and 2013’s Help!) and four collaboration releases between 2012 and 2017, Varoslav brands Rue de Plaisance with his own unique identity and sensibility.

This mix was made at home on February 1st, 2019 with my two old MK2 Technics + 1 CDJ 850 on an Allen & Heath Xzone 92 mixer. The idea was to make a house music session with vinyl from my collection that I started back in 1999. I’ve been using the CDJ for a couple of upcoming tracks on my label Rue de Plaisance. For the rest, I tried to keep it real and fun for Discogs listeners. Im always trying to find a selection that could be listened to a few years later. I have selected here some old and recent stuff as I like to do in my sets. Thanks for the invite Discogs!

Varoslav Mix Tracklist:

  1. Matthias Puech – Untitled
  2. Subway – Testing
  3. Natural Affair – Talki Walki
  4. SCSI-9 – Try To Forget
  5. XDB – Jupit
  6. Havantepe – Revolt
  7. Holger Flinsch – Kopara
  8. Alex Picone – A Flock Of Hummingbirds
  9. Christian Morgenstern – Untitled
  10. Brian Aneurysm – Inertia
  11. Alec Falconer – Flicker Zone [Upcoming, Rue de Plaisance 28]
  12. Noon(at – First Drops
  13. HDV – Upper Indigo [Upcoming, Rue de Plaisance 29]
  14. Rithma – Coeur D’Alene
  15. HDV – Dusk Duty [Upcoming, Rue de Plaisance 29]

Varoslav: Discogs | Facebook | SoundCloud
Rue De Plaisance: Discogs | Official | Instagram

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