Discogs Database Surpasses 9 Million Releases

More than 1 million physical music releases on vinyl, CD, cassette and more have been submitted to the music database since January.

We asked you to help us reach 9 million releases in the Discogs database, and you totally came through! We’re thrilled to announce the Discogs database has reached another substantial milestone in our ongoing mission to build the most comprehensive music database in the world! With over 9 Million releases cataloged in the database by over 375,000 contributors, the Discogs Database has averaged over 113,000 monthly submissions since the start of the year.

With the Discogs database crossing the 8 million release mark in January, that’s a growth of 1 million releases in just 9 months. Once again, the Discogs database is totally indebted to the hard work and attention of our amazing community of buyers, sellers and contributors who are adding their favorite records to the music database.

“What we’re experiencing in the growth of contributors and submissions to the Discogs Database only echoes the thriving passion for music’s physical formats,” states Chad Dahlstrom, COO of Discogs. “The Discogs Database mission will never lose focus on preserving physical releases in any format imaginable from every part of the world.”

Our September Pledge Initiative is an annual push to encourage music lovers to ensure their favorite releases are forever saved in the Discogs database. This year 120,000 releases were submitted to the database in September alone.

Thank you for your help in helping us reach 9 million releases in the Discogs database! Your effort and attention to detail are helping us preserve music history and ensure no release is left behind.

How soon can we reach 10 million releases? Start cataloging your music collection on Discogs and make sure your favorite release is saved in the database!

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