How To Update Your Discogs Order Status

Hey Discogs Sellers! Ever been given negative feedback for a sale? How about getting suspended for not canceling an order? Make sure buyers understand the status of their order by being vigilant with updating your order status.

By letting a buyer know where they’re at in the order process, you can avoid negative feedback or even requests to cancel an order.

Whats the status of my Discogs Order?

Use Discogs’ messaging system to manage your order status and complete your orders in a timely fashion.

Here’s three key reasons to update your order status:

  1. Unable to Complete Order
    An order comes in, and as you attempt to locate the record realize it’s been misfiled or you don’t have it anymore. Or perhaps a prospective buyer has gone cold after placing their order. Whether your inventory wasn’t as up to date as you’d thought, or a buyer has become unresponsive or canceled, choose one of the following order statuses:

    • Cancelled (Non-Paying Buyer) – Automatically leaves negative feedback for the buyer.
    • Cancelled (Item Unavailable) – Automatically removes an item from your listing. Option to leave buyer feedback is removed, but the buyer can leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback.
    • Cancelled (Per Buyer Request) – Order is cancelled, option to leave feedback is open for buyer and seller. In any of the above cases, you don’t have to do anything else. Discogs will credit any fees incurred during the order process, which will be displayed under the Credits tab on your Billing page.
  2. Item has Shipped
    This one is pretty straight forward; ship an item and then set the order status to Shipped. Once you’ve changed the status of an item to shipped, you can no longer cancel the order. Instead, click here to check out the refund process.
  3. Communication with Buyers
    This is the number one reason to update the order status. This will declutter your inbox and limit confusion for buyers, resulting in a more efficient process for you and possibly a higher seller rating.
    In addition to the standard drop downs of Invoice Sent and Payment Received, there is an option for sellers to communicate directly with buyers via the message text box. Got extra info about an item? Maybe you’re shipping from New England and the snow is impacting your shipping schedule. Use this space to communicate anything that cannot be communicated via the standard menu options. Too much communication is a rare thing.

Once you’ve updated the order status or sent a message to a buyer, be sure to click on the update order button. This will update the status of the order and ensure that all parties receive notification.

For even more information on order statuses, watch the video here

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  • Apr 17,2015 at 9:31 pm

    My trash is now filled with unread “Payment Pending” emails.
    Can you allow sellers to turn off this email notification?

    I see I have 10 messages, oh… 5 of them are trash…bummer… DELETE!

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