Discogs Q1 2018 Marketplace Analysis and Database Highlights

Best Selling Vinyl of 2018

Today we’re revealing quarterly reporting from three categories within the Discogs Database and Marketplace. We break down the increasing growth of user collections based on new (2017/2018, inclusive of reissues) and catalog releases. We then take a look at the Most Expensive Items Sold via Discogs over the course of the first three months of 2018. In addition to these traditional reports, we’re unveiling an exciting new view into our Discogs sales data, the Top 20 Best Selling Release Variations, which looks at the distinct release variants that are selling across the Discogs Marketplace. By breaking sales down to a variant level, we’re able to surface other leading releases that aren’t rolled under a singular master release.

View the Discogs Q1 2018 Highlights and Analysis Below:

Number of Submissions

Most Collected Releases

Most Expensive Items Sold

Top 20 Best Selling Release Variations