Discogs’ Record Store Day Black Friday 2017 Hauls: Staff Picks

Another Record Store Day Black Friday, another challenge accepted by the whole Discogs crew.

This edition, we visited a lot of record stores around the globe to support independent record stores. And, yes, hunt down some sweet records to add to our Collections.

The scene was different in every shop. From record stores packed with music collectors trying to score exclusive RSD releases, to more quiet, intimate shops where you could easily spend the whole day.

There is no script about how you should approach such an important day for record collectors, but there is a common goal for all of us: support independent record stores. Visiting record stores always brings joy to our hearts and ears, and we want to share the joy we have felt this year with you.

Check out our newest additions from Record Store Day Black Friday 2017:

Beastie Boys ‎– The In Sound From Way Out! Nice funky instrumental album by the Beastie Boys.

Dr. Dre ‎– The Chronic. Classic album that I just never got around to ordering or found in any shops until now.

Wu-Tang Clan ‎– Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Another classic album that is just great, but I haven’t managed to pick up on vinyl until now.

Otis Redding ‎– Otis Redding Live In Europe. Otis Redding is one of my all time favourite artists, and while I already had this album from one of the first releases, it’s not in very good condition and I felt that I might as well pick up this release to listen to instead as it was part of the Record Store Day releases.

– Andreas, Android App Developer

I braved some heavy rain and freezing wind in Astoria, Oregon and went to Bach n’ Rock along with Christie’s Mallternative.

Both had some great selections:

RadioheadAmnesiac. It’s my favorite Radiohead album!

The WhoTommy. Best album to air-drum to, I could totally listen to an entire of album of just Keith Moon’s drum fills.

Liu Pui Yuen – Chinese Traditional Music. This one is not in the Database yet!

Billie HolidayStrange Fruit. Great music for a rainy day.

Animal CollectiveDanse Manatee. Reminds me of a mix between The Grateful Dead and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

– Andy, Developer

I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store this time: I started gathering a lot of stuff and, in the end, had to say goodbye to some of them and went home with the “sweetest” ones :-)

My picks are quite a mix in genre and styles: Radiohead‘s Hail To The Thief was still missing in my Radiohead collection.

The Chick Corea record just fell into my hands when I was about to leave the record store: Do you know that feeling when you seem to forget about a band or an artist and then, out of nowhere, bump into their records and you go all like “Ah, yeah, I like his music!” That’s how that Chick Corea record managed to get into my bag!

I love José González solo work and am excited to listen to his other project: Junip! The same goes for The Frames – Glen Hansard is a great musician and I want to get the bigger picture of his band work! Ray Lamontagne has a small space in my collection so far but he is definitely building it up. Last but not least, Alice Coltrane – old but gold!

– Barbara, Community Success Coordinator

Arthur RussellCorn. I have wanted to own an Arthur Russell record for a while and found this one at Rush Hour.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today. My favourite album of theirs so might as well own it.

DaphniJoli Mai. Face to Face is my favourite track released this year and the whole album is pretty amazing.

ParliamentOsmium. Big fan of George Clinton and had my eye on this release since it was reissued last year.

The King Khan & BBQ Show ‎- Bad News Boys. Used to own this (it was actually my first purchase on Discogs) but it has vanished from my collection!

Björk ‎- Debut. Was literally walking out the store and this caught my eye because it was a pretty good price and it was just her birthday this week!

– Claire, Managing Director of Operations

All found at Dig Vinyl in SE Portland, Oregon – took some chances on a few of these and also picked up a few releases that triggered good memories.

1. Various – Blues That Gave America Soul

2. Otis Redding/The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Historic Performances Recorded At The Monterey International Pop Festival

3. Wilson PickettThe Best of Wilson Pickett

4. Tangerine DreamStartosfear

5. U2Rattle and Hum

6. Fleetwood MacRumours

7. The PoliceZenyatta Mondatta

– Cori, General Counsel

Finally got Blackstar! Or is it ★? Anyway, it’s mine. Love the new Kamasi Washington EP, and this Bar-Kays record fits nicely into my growing Soul/Funk/Disco collection.

– David, Community Success Lead

The BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Michael JacksonThriller

A couple classics I was missing from my collection.

– Erik, Lead Systems Engineer

I played safe this time and no regrets! I bought just what I wanted to have and I had a great weekend enjoying this albums.

Aphex Twin ‎– Selected Ambient Works 85-92 is my first Aphex Twin record I own and the one I have heard the most, I was very excited when I was paying and I went straight home to play it.

Four Tet ‎– Morning / Evening not my first but 6th LP I own from him. That is what you need to do with your favourite artist, own all of them… I am getting there! This in particular brings back awesome memories of Dekmantel 2015. I listen to it carefully and loud while playing in the turntable and what a beautiful tune, has so much detail.

Daphni ‎– Joli Mai. Ladies and gentleman, this is a banger! The album is so energetic and the more I listen to it the more I like every single track. I am so happy with this release and that he worked under his Daphni alias to create this LP.

– Esther, Community Success Coordinator

Sunny and the Sunliners Smile Now Cry. Later I have collected some of his vinyl and like his way to intergrate his Latin/ Tejano music background with US style Funk and Soul. Happy to have this remastered LP as RSD 2017 release!

Timothy McnealyFunky Movement. Now Again (Egon) has never got me dissapointed with their releases before and purchased this comp LP this time as well. Great to see an extensive booklet made by Egon, inc. rare photos and articles about the band also!

– Hiro, Regional Community Marketing Lead

Aphex Twin ‎– Selected Ambient Works 85-92. This one doesn’t need much explanation, it’s my favorite electronic record of all time.

Dean BluntStone Island. It’s all in Russian and it’s as mysterious as Dean Blunt himself.

Young MarcoSelectors 002. You should always trust Young Marco for music, he never disappoints.

– Javi, Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Piero Umiliani‘Grazie!’ A collection of Umiliani’s scores… the staff at Guest Room Records told me it was great, so I picked it up purely on their suggestion.

Neil YoungHarvest Moon. Reissue How could you NOT snag Harvest Moon when its the first time on vinyl in North America?

Sonny RollinsOn Impulse! Remastered by Bernie Grundman… sounds amazing!

Sonny Clark TrioThe 1960 Time Sessions. Remastered from the original tapes. Alt takes all there. Max Roach. No brainer for RSD.

Death From AboveFreeze Me. I can’t resist an exclusive 7″ from DFA… sorry, not sorry.

Danger Mouse featuring Run The Jewels and Big Boi – Chase Me. Total impulse buy based on the characters involved and the original soundtrack. Might keep this one sealed for prosperity, might not.

– Jeffrey, Public Relations

EERAReflection Of Youth and Flat Worms self-titled are two new releases I wanted to get my hands on as soon as I heard the first single from each. Neither disappoint.

Roman Candle brings me one step closer to completing Elliott Smith‘s catalog. Feeling your soul buckle under its weight is a small price to pay for such a beautiful album.

I was on my way to the checkout when Myth Takes grabbed my attention – and for just 12eu! I’m still trying to figure out why it was so cheap… looks and sounds NM. Could be haunted, but I’m down to party with some ghosts.

I got my first taste of Betty Davis recently and i’m totally hooked! I can’t believe she was making music like this in the 60s/early 70s. Sounds as fresh and provocative as anything current I’ve heard lately.

– Jess, Search Engine Marketer

Headed to Exiled Records just a few blocks from my house and picked up a couple of LPs:

Mustapha SkandraniIstikhbars & Improvisations: This was a whimsical purchase as I haven’t really heard it before. 1965 Algerian solo piano “free jazz”; should be fun!

A Tribe Called QuestMidnight Marauders: Just rounding out the collection with another classic Hip Hop album.

– Jeremy, Lead Developer

I wasn’t planning on it, but I ended up going on a nostalgia / country kick. Willie Nelson‘s single “City of New Orleans” was a big favorite of mine as a kid, and it still brings back a flood of memories. Ditto on Willies duet with Merle Haggard on “Pancho and Lefty”, conveniently waiting for me at the same time. And while I generally avoid greatest hits compilations like the plague, I couldn’t pass up on Hank III’s hits collection, considering the cost of his second album on vinyl. At that point I was on a roll, and knocked an item off my wantlist with a bargain-priced copy of the recent repress of Dillard Chandler‘s “End of an Old Song,” capping everything off with another tidy little find, Tift Merritt’s “Travelling Alone.”

– Josh, Community Success Manager

I went to my friendly neighborhood record store here in Chicago, Reckless Records on Milwaukee Avenue, and easily found a few records I’ve been looking for.

Daniel BrandtEternal Something – A release from this label called Erased Tapes I discovered recently. The label is sort of “Experimental Soundtrack Music”, so unique approaches to music for films that are not actually in films.

BurialBurial. – Slowly became a fan of his and too late for the first round, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that this has been reissued.

Various Artists – No New York – Another late to the party surprise. This compilation of the No Wave scene in the late 70s New York just got reissued.

– Jon, Systems Engineer

Gwen GuthriePeanut Butter I like my disco like I like my peanut butter, smooth.

Rofo ‎– Flashlight On A Disconight Classic italodisco, big synths and broken english.

Forest Drive WestStatic / Escape Livity Sound have been on a roll lately and Forest Drive West does not disappoint on this one. Dubby and percussive, slow building hypnotic grooves.

Robert Owens / Mr. Fingers ‎– I’m Strong What a banger, off kilter synths and pounding beats, can’t believe this one is originally from ’87.

Moodymann ‎– Don’t You Want My Love Classic Moodymann, say no more.

Jules Venturini ‎– Whities 014 Jules Venturini ‎closing out 2017 for Whities, label of the year in my books. Odd but gripping electronica.

– Karl, Developer


I caught a bad cold over the holiday weekend, so I didn’t make it out on Black Friday at all. I’m both bummed and relieved that I missed the shopping madness. But I finally made it to Tender Loving Empire to pick up a few releases, none of which are actually RSD exclusives:

Jared Mees ‎– Life Is Long

Y La Bamba ‎– Ojos Del Sol

– Kirsten, Product Owner

I was on holiday last week and knew I wouldn’t be close to record shop, so I did my record shopping a week in advance, in Dublin.

Happy to pick up Morrissey‘s new album, Low In High School (although it requires a few more listens, can’t say I am immediately blown away by it!), and the The Queen Is Dead 12″ I had been meaning to pick up earlier in the year.

Also checked off two other releases from my Wantlist: Mucky Pup‘s Act Of Faith and Fish‘s Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors, both in great condition.

Apart from that I found a Too Funky 7″ to add to my George Michael collection, and CD singles by Radiohead, Queens Of The Stone Age and Morrissey for only a few Euro.

In one of the shops, they were playing a record that caught my attention: Shadowfax’s self-titled release, a band I had never heard of, was definitely my most exciting discovery! Haven’t figured out yet if my release is an original Japanese pressing from 1982 (The OBI strip looks so good that I think it’s a reissue, but if so it’s not listed on Discogs yet), so I’ll be trying to find out a bit more about it.

– Lilian, Regional Community Marketing Lead


Generally my aim is to collect the “classics” of my life. I was specifically looking for Virgin Prunes – …If I Die, I Die. The others caught my attention while digging: Edie Brickell – Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars and Public Image Limited – This Is What You Want… This Is What You Get. The Opeth – Sorceress record is one of my favourite releases of last year, and the cover looks great!

– Luca, Community Success Coordinator

While visiting family in Kokomo, IN for the holiday weekend I stopped by American Dream Hi-Fi, Kokomo’s only record store as far I know. It’s great little shop with craft beer, they have shows regularly, and even some arcade machines. Their collection is extremely eclectic, lots of the prerequesite classic rock, modern indie, a dense hardcore and metal section, and even some electronic, noise and industrial records. I definitely recommend checking out their shop! I picked up: – “Faust IV” by Faust“Red Snerts” which is a repress of a Gulcher records compilation of Midwest punk and new wave bands from 1981 – “Morning/Evening” by Four Tet.

– Mark, Front-End Developer

Talking HeadsRemain in Light: They are one of my favorite bands. I have this album on a CD format but I recently decided to buy their albums on vinyl too.

Talking Heads ‎- The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads. I only had seen bootlegs of this promo, so I felt like getting it.

The Velvet UndergroundEtc.: Lou Reed was one of my youth time heros and I needed this.

Depeche ModePeople Are People: This album reminds me of how fun it was to listen to music with mom. She liked them when I was little, just a nostalgic motive before the holiday season!

– Miki, Community Success Lead

First one I picked up was the Deodato record which is a steal for the price it generally goes for ($2.90 for solid VG+ in my case). It’s a nice little jazz-funk album with funky covers of some familiar tunes. Next, I remembered that I had been meaning to pick up the new album I See You by The XX. Their previous work is really good, and Romy’s voice really shines on this new album. Finally, I had to pick up Jazzmatazz when I saw it. I loved Gang Starr growing up, I love jazz, and I’m a big fan of Donald Byrd, so I of course am a fan of this album!

– Rodney, Developer

I stopped in at Little Axe Records (again and again and again).

Various – Japan VI – Nō-Play/Biwa And Chanting: Of the Musical Anthology of the Orient collection, I picked up Japan VI. My collection needs more non-lyrical world music, so why not the record with the biwa jam on it?

Various – Village Music of Yugoslavia: Folk music from Not-the-US? Don’t mind if I do!

Baba YagaCollage: Okay, so I only bought this for the Baba Yaga reference. After listening to it, I’m incredibly relieved. No regrets!

Jade WarriorHorizen: I’m a Jade Warrior fan, so when I stumbled across one of their albums, I couldn’t resist.

DeodatoPrelude: I’ve been looking for a good real life soundtrack and this struck me as an appropriate underscore for my life at home.

Jan Hammer GroupOh, Yeah?: I bought this because of the cover art. It belongs with me.

– Nicole, Product Owner

I went down the street to Everyday Music in Beaverton and got four records:

1) Sharon Jones and the Dap KingsSoul of a Woman

2) Dan Auerbach with the Preservation Hall Band – Good Sound Comes Back Around Vol. 1

3) Preservation Hall Jazz BandRun Stop & Drop!! (The Needle)

4) Coleman Hawkins, Gene Krupa & Lester Young – Jazz at the Philharmonic: The Rarest Concert

– Stephanie, Controller

I’m lucky enough to have a great little record shop on my street, and even luckier to have a bar around the corner with a record player. With that in mind, I picked up three fun reissues that I wouldn’t mind having a beer to.

Various ‎– Nu Yorica! Culture Clash In New York City: Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77

Yvonne Přenosilová ‎– Sklípek (1964-68)

Professor Rhythm ‎– Bafana Bafana

– Tasha, Community Success Manager

Did you pick up any gems on Record Store Day? Catch up on the ones you missed over on Discogs!

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