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Discogs Sellers, Here Are Our Tips For Selling In 2020

With COVID-19 and its knock-on effects impacting record stores and sellers worldwide, we’re receiving a lot of questions relating to selling on Discogs. We’re proud to be able to offer a channel to support sellers worldwide to go on doing what they love, especially in times of adversity.

Above all else, ensuring your inventory is up-to-date on Discogs is key to keeping orders coming. Our recently launched inventory management tool, NearMint helps make light work of this, by allowing you to bulk upload and import inventory from CSV files or using the focused listing flow.

1. Communicate clearly and frequently

Respond to messages from buyers and potential buyers quickly and honestly. Setting realistic expectations and keeping the lines of communication open are key to keeping things running smoothly in a difficult time.

With the amount of worldwide uncertainty at present, it’s okay to let the buyer know you can’t give them any guarantees. People generally prefer that you’re clear and upfront in your communication, especially when they’re handing over their money to you.

Offer as much relevant information as you can on your profile page and item descriptions. Besides keeping your inventory up to date, NearMint also allows you to add messages to your item descriptions in bulk.

2. Set Up Your Shipping Policies

The benefits of having your Automatic Shipping Policies correctly set up are numerous – increase your amount of orders, maximise the number of releases buyers check out per order, and minimize the amount of cancelled orders and Non-Paying Buyers.

Set delivery expectations by country, make your inventory unavailable to certain countries where there are major disruptions, and show buyers the upfront costs before they place their order. Find more info on Automatic Shipping Policies here.

3. Offer Tracked Delivery

With global disruptions and delays to delivery services at the moment, it is worth giving your buyers the option of tracked shipping. Tracked delivery ensures items can be tracked, traced back and is always beneficial in the case of disputes.

The Royal Mail international incident bulletin is particularly informative, with postal and delivery service status frequently updated for many countries. Most regional sites are also well-maintained and up-to-date with information about service and delays right now.

4. Run a Promotion

Stand out in the Marketplace and move more inventory by running a promotion. NearMint allows you to run discounts on all of your stock or just selected items. You can also add a promotional message in the item description in a few clicks.

5. Connect with the Community

Discogs is nothing without the Community, and it’s great to see how we work together in times of strife. Our forums are full of fellow sellers and music fans of all stripes from around the world discussing developments in their countries and offering advice. This thread on the global impact on postal systems and this one on the impact of coronavirus on Discogs sales are a good jumping off point.

6. Make Your Hours and Status Clear Online

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, take a moment to link your Discogs account to your VinylHub page (instructions on how to do that can be found here). It’ll let people know where they can support you and still make purchases from you if you’ve had to close temporarily. Record stores linking their Discogs page will be featured on our page highlighting record stores. If you would like to have your information featured on this page, please fill out this form.

Google has also issued a helpful resource on how to keep your Google Business profile up to date, stay in touch with employees and your community, and modify your advertising, if necessary.

7. Reach out to Support

As ever, our multilingual Community Support team is working remotely around-the-clock to help. We aim to always get back to you as quickly as possible, but please note that it may take us a little longer during very busy periods. You can write to our Community Support team via our ticket form, or check out our Help & Support documentation for immediate answers.

8. Be Patient

These are unprecedented times and no doubt we’re all feeling a bit powerless to some degree while we figure this thing out. We’re asking everyone – whether you’re a buyer, seller – to be as patient as possible with each other, take into account the mitigating factors, and keep the communication clear.

Stay safe, be well, and be kind to each other. We’re here with you throughout.

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