Discogs Statement During Coronavirus

Dear Discogs Community,

COVID-19 is having a serious impact on our community around the world. We understand that there are uncertainties right now. But we want to reassure you that Discogs is still up and running and we are dedicated to supporting our contributors, buyers, and sellers.

Our commitment to our users:

  • We will continue to facilitate orders in the Marketplace. With social distancing tightening, we must not only support our sellers online but also brick-and-mortar Record Shops, providing them an outlet to keep their small businesses running.
  • We will make sure the Database will never stop running. We have both physical and digital backups of our data so rest assured, the countless hours you have spent contributing and editing data will not be lost.
  • We will do our best to provide you with as much information as we can. We will update help documents, as needed, and provide a central hub for you to be informed of changes that might affect you as it relates to Discogs. But, also know that our support team is here for you. Please reach out to Community Support or your store representative with any questions during this time.

To our Buyers, please be extra patient as you wait for orders to arrive. Post offices around the world, UPS and FedEx are all experiencing some delays largely due to the number of airline flight cancelations that are occurring.

To our Sellers, please be sure to set realistic expectations and communicate any delays that you encounter in shipping your orders. We have the largest, most passionate music community on the internet and now is our opportunity to support each other and get through this tumultuous time.

Thanks for your patience and support. We are committed to working with you and to continue to make Discogs the best place for music online. Please take care of yourself. We’re all in this together, for the love of music.

Kevin Lewandowski
Founder & CEO, Discogs

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