Discogs Supports Local Record Stores During Social Distancing

You might have noticed, things are a little weird right now. If you’re a record seller or store owner who’s had to shut up shop to respect social distancing directives for the foreseeable future, we see you, and we want to help.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a resource for you to find up to date information on current postal service statuses around the world, a letter from our founder and CEO, Kevin Lewandowski on how we plan to get the Discogs community through this thing together, as well as some basic health information.

Support For Record Stores

We’ve also rounded up and listed all the record stores we know of by region in the world. With the needle being lifted on the physical world right now, we know being able to sell online is more important than ever. By bringing more visibility to those we imagine are feeling the pinch more than anyone, we hope to keep the flow of orders coming so you can keep your business healthy and keep doing what you love. To ensure your shop appears here, make sure your VinylHub page and Discogs profiles are linked (more info on how to do that here), or fill in this online form.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and if you need additional help or support, our Community Support team is here for you. We also encourage you to take advantage of being part of the Discogs’ community by getting involved in the forums. We’re all in the same boat and sometimes it’s nice to have a chat and be reminded of that.

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