Discogs Team: Meet Jeremy!


Hi there! Welcome to the Discogs Team! Do you mind introducing yourself, sharing a little about your development background?
I've been a developer for the past 8 years with a couple years as a technical business analyst mixed in for good measure.  I started my career with "low-level" development in C/C++ writing code to run on embedded Linux systems interfacing with wireless modules, camera sensors, and more.  Since then I've worked pretty heavily with relational databases to support advanced data analytics, primarily for large healthcare organizations.  In my spare-time I started working on web development projects with both Ruby and Python and decided I wanted to make a career shift.  I love working with dynamic languages and I have a large amount of experience working with data, so I'm looking forward to diving in head-first here at Discogs.
When you're not programming, how do you like to spend your time?
When I'm not programming I love cooking, reading, playing basketball and tennis, hiking and camping, playing guitar, listening to music (of course), and spending time with family and close friends.
If you had to choose an artist / release to listen to on repeat, who or what would it be?
I'm currently listening to The Fountain soundtrack.  Moody, haunting, and beautiful.  Recently I've also been listening to a lot of Portugal. The Man because their choices in song structure and melody almost always surprise me (see them in person if you get the chance).
What are you looking forward to as you settle in at Discogs?
At Discogs I'm looking forward to a few things: 1) Find new music; it's easy to get stagnant and I haven't had many music lovers to share with for awhile!  2) Learn!  There's a ton I don't know and diving in is often the best way to get started.  3) Being a part of a small team growing into something new.  There's so much flexibility and a desire to do things the right way that you can't help but be excited about the potential.
We're happy to have you here, Jeremy! Thanks!

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