Discogs Top 20 Most Wanted Cassettes Of All Time

Taking a break from records for a little bit to post about another format! Tapes are back, sorta! It’s no surprise that given the cost of making new records these days that cassettes would rear their head again for independent musicians. Here we have the most wanted cassettes in the database today. Some of these are no surprise, like the seminal vaporwave release by Macintosh Plus.

Others are more surprising, like the tape only ambient/new age release by Ghostwriters. Sprinkled throughout is everything from the perennial of all lists, Dark Side Of The Moon, to litigious rock group Metallica’s first tape. Like the top 50 lists, this list was compiled by master release (where applicable) for only official versions. Do you see anything missing here? Let us know down below which ones you think should be more wanted!

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msuci appreciator
  • Oct 30,2018 at 17:36

    Skinny Puppy’s original Back and Forth cassette from 1983/1984, re-released on CD years later, is definitely a hot commodity.

  • Oct 19,2018 at 10:44

    I’m surprised death grips is on the list. The list should have the money store on cassette instead of exmilitary. I’ve only seen 4 copies for sale over the past 4 years

  • Oct 13,2018 at 21:24

    Several of the links point to masters, not to the cassettes, why?

  • Oct 12,2018 at 05:44

    I think the year (1979) on the Raekwon cassette might be a typo.

  • Oct 12,2018 at 01:54

    Kind of surprised that Alice Coltrane’s “Turiya Sings” is not on this list. I know it’s from a very specialized musical niche –– but that cassette has gathered a lot of interest in recent years. I’m hoping for an _official_ reissue on CD some day.

  • Oct 11,2018 at 05:43

    Just want to give a heads up that the thumbnail that shows up for Floral Shoppe is from one of its many bootlegs!

  • Jul 22,2018 at 06:29

    Okay, I think this albums are missing in the list !

    Boards Of Canada – A few old Tunes
    Boards of Canada – old Tunes vol.2
    Boards of Canada – Geogaddi
    Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works Volume II

  • Jul 13,2018 at 19:58

    Perhaps not on most people’s lists, but I’ve been looking for two cassettes from the Sundays for YEARS. One is the Love cassette single: https://www.discogs.com/The-Sundays-Love/release/9520335 and the other is an Australian Promo cassette of Reading, Writing & Arithmetic with a hold out cover.

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