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Hey there, friend! Thanks for checking in on some recent news from your favorite hub for physical music – Discogs. Since GDPR, we have removed most of our email subscribers from our communication lists. With email being our primary form of updating users, we lost a consistent way to keep in touch about developments over here.

We put this post together to share some news about what we’ve been working on and released in the last few months. And hey, shameless plug here, if some of these updates are news to you, you can sign up for one of our newsletter types to stay in the loop. I’ve dropped the list of what kind of communication each newsletter type contains below so you can sign up for the one that makes the most sense for you. Cheers!

Discogs Engineering & Database Updates

Discogs Tracks – Dig into an artist’s compositions with the Discogs Tracks feature. Tracks is brand new and has plenty of room for community improvement. Get involved on the ground floor of the biggest new Database development!

10 Million Releases – We surpassed 10 million music releases in the Discogs Database. This is a huge milestone that wouldn’t be possible without the likes of you!

iOS & Android Marketplace Integration – One of our most requested app features is live on both iOS and Android. You can now buy music directly from the Discogs app.

Discogs Payments – Not a fan of Paypal? We now have a way for sellers to offer different payment options.

New Community Support Portal – We migrated all of our support documents to a more robust platform. Help documents live here and we’re consistently working on making the support experience better for all.

Discogs Collection Improvements – Faster search times, ability to filter and a new design. The Collection feature is new and improved!

Addition of Facets to Versions API Endpoint – Discogs is committed to being open source and maintain a robust API for developers interested in using Discogs data. The recent addition of a filters object allows developers to know how many facets are available and what they are when using the API.

Discogs 101 – Do you ever feel like there’s so much to Discogs you don’t know where to start or what you could be missing? We created a guide for that. Discover all the features of the Discogs ecosystem.

Popular Discogs Articles

The Discogs Blog is a showcase for curated music, dives into data, musicians and genres, record store city guides and much more. Check out some recent popular Discogs Blog posts below.

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Other Cool Stuff We’ve Been Working On

33 1/3 Days of Discogs – Discogs partnered with labels, turntable makers, other music industry folks for free giveaways. More of fun promotions like these to come!

S.P.I.N. 2018 – Working with Discogs contributors to find and fill gaps in the Database.

Discogs Newsletter Types

  • Community Tools: Learn how to buy, sell and contribute better! Receive new and available help docs in your inbox. We will also keep you notified on projects like Discogs Payments and the new Support Portal.
  • Partner Offers: Sweepstakes, contests, and recommendations from our partners and friends. Subscribers are notified about events like 33 1/3 Days of Discogs.
  • Newsletters: Encompasses most of what we do – Discogs Database and Marketplace stats and highlights, special features, popular reissues & new releases, upcoming events,, new blog posts and feature releases via monthly recaps. All things Discogs!

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