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Discogs Weekly Top 10 New Releases – December 1 2017

Welcome to the Top 10 New Releases for the week ending December 1 2017, pulled from the freshest sales data at Discogs! The Discogs Weekly Top 10 New Releases are all the records (vinyl, CD, cassette, or otherwise) the Discogs community has added to their collection from last week’s release day to today, Friday, December 1 2017. The Weekly Top 10 is your ultimate guide to finding that new release you need to add to your collection. Discogs defines a New Release as an album that has been released or reissued within the past 18 months. You won’t see any classics here unless it’s a fresh reissue! Let’s jump into the records that are hitting everyone’s Discogs collection this week!

It doesn’t come as a surprise how impactful Record Store Day Black Friday 2017 has been on this week’s chart. It’s been a crazy week for special releases and reissues, and we are delighted to see the Discogs community getting at it!

First, we can start with those artists who are hanging there for another week. Another week, another Top for St. Vincent with ‘Masseduction‘, 2017 belongs to her. Our previous Top 1, Morrissey, falls to the #6 with ‘Low In High School‘. And Nine Inch Nails‘ latest EP ‘Add Violence‘ remains in our top on the eighth position.

Our number 1 won’t come as a big surprise to all of the users who expressed interest in this RSD release. But first, let’s talk about the fresh releases by some favorites of the community. In the #7 with their new EP released, yep, for RSD Black Friday we find the beloved post-hardcore legends At The Drive-In ‎with ‘Diamanté‘. The new ‘Utopia’ (pun intended) by Björk goes straight to our Top 3 this week. The honor of the highest entrance by a new release this week goes to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds ‘Who Built The Moon?‘.

We have given you some time to think about that number 1, don’t you know who are we talking about yet? Find it at the bottom of the list!

Let’s count down those new releases from #10 to #1!

Discogs Top 10 New Releases December 1 2017: At The Drive In - Diamanté

7. At The Drive-In ‎– Diamanté

Discogs Top 10 New Releases December 1 2017: U2 - The Blackout

4. U2 ‎– The Blackout

Discogs Top 10 New Releases December 1 2017: Björk - Utopia

3. Björk ‎– Utopia

Discogs Top 10 New Releases December 1 2017: Neil Young - Harvest Moon

1. Neil Young ‎– Harvest Moon RE

Hit your local record store this weekend, and start adding these new releases to your collection!

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