Discovering More Melbourne Record Stores: Vinyl Space

by JustKids

While I was browsing the internet today, I read that in Australia this year, for Christmas gift sales, vinyl is becoming a more popular choice for gifts. Some good news for the old and new record stores in Melbourne! Merry Christmas to the lucky people that get vinyl for Christmas this year!!

Carrying on from our blog post from a few weeks ago, we have one more record store we visited whilst we were down under and digging in Melbourne: Vinyl Space.

Vinyl Space

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Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 11-6 | Fri 11-7 | Sat 11-6 | Sun 11-5
Location: 119A Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia 3066
Phone: +61 415 640 520

Melbourne Record Stores: Vinyl Space

What is your name / role at the store?
Michael Smajdor – Store owner

How long have you worked here? How long has shop been open?
I opened our store, here in Johnston St. approximately 18 months ago.

What is your/the store’s specialty?
The store doesn’t have a ‘speciality’ as such but has a great selection of records over a variety of genres (5000+ records). We have a great selection of Jazz, Blues, Indie, Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, World, Reggae and we support local artists and releases… Most of our stock is second hand but we do also stock around 200-300 new vinyls.

How did you get into selling records?
I love vinyl and I love digging in crates!! I started to buy some small second hand collections over the years and then some larger collections and my collection grew quite large!  At a certain point I started selling off some of my unwanted records online and after doing that for a while I decided that I preferred dealing with people face to face and so decided to open my own record store!

Vinyl Space melbourne

What is your favourite record in this store right now and why?
Such a hard question to answer! So hard to narrow it down to just one record… My taste in music is very eclectic and I am always looking for and discovering new sounds! One day I will love listening to Jazz and the next I go to put it on and can’t stomach it! Oh!… I just remembered a record that I have really enjoyed playing over the past few weeks and that is
Wide Open N-way by a Danish Progressive Rock Band called Day of Phoenix – a gem I picked up in a small collection recently – brilliant album!

Do you have a story for us about collecting?
One of the great things about running a record store is talking to other collectors about their collections. I am often blown away by the wealth of knowledge that these collectors have about the music that they love. I learn heaps from my customers about the music that they are passionate about and that keeps me passionate about what I do.